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   Chapter 1121 Bringing Back Grudges

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Rachel was convinced by Holley's words and believed as long as Charles was doubting Sheryl, their relationship would, sooner or later, be at a breaking point.

Charles was standing in his office right next to the glass wall that overlooked the city. It looked like he was appreciating the view, but his mind was traveling outside of this office walls. A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts, and entered his secretary, who told him that the lead expert of the investigation had come. He told his secretary to let him in. As Charles moved towards his desk to sit on his chair, the man walked towards him with a folder full of papers in hand. The man put the results on Charles' desk with pride, knowing that he and his men had worked several days and nights for this. "Mr. Lu, please, take a look."

Charles picked up the reports and scanned through the pages for a long time, reading the texts and eyeing the pictures. Finally, after a thorough check of the whole report, he closed the folder with a satisfying smile. He turned to the man and praised, "You and your team did a really great job. Your reports are very detailed, and will surely help us. What's funny though is that even someone who knows nothing about Photoshop or any graphic editing programs can tell that these photos are fabricated."

The man bowed in respect and left as soon as he was dismissed. Charles turned his chair behind and looked back at the glass window. In this battle, he had gotten closer to victory.

The only thing left to do now was expose the reports to the public in the press conference.

In this way, the public would finally know the truth and would be clear about the relationship among Rachel, Tarsan Corporation, Sheryl, and even himself.

This was the only way to let the public understand that Rachel intended to frame Sheryl.

Most people in this city were not stupid, and they would eventually piece the puzzles together for they were very well acquainted with the struggles and the battles in rich families, for this was not the first one in this century.

Charles lifted a smirk on his face. With the evidence and the speech he already thought of, all people in this city would be back on his side.

Then, he turned around again and turned to his secretary, who was still in the room, waiting to be dismissed. "David," he called out, making David turn his attention on Charles. "David, inform the media that the press conference will be held earlier than scheduled," Charles said with excitement evident in his voice.

David nodded, "Will do, Mr. Lu." He bowed and walked out of the office in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Holley had just gotten up, feeling really tired and sore. As she sat up and stretched, the first thing that popped in her mind was what Rachel told her last night. Thinking about it now with energy and a fresh mind, she realized that Rachel's concern was not to be dismissed. After all, people were, indeed, easy to forget, especially whe


Now, Holley calling him up and asking for him to meet her aroused his interests once more.

He knew that Rachel wanted to humiliate Sheryl in public and destroy her reputation. If Holley called him under Rachel's order, it meant that he was being given a chance to do something that might please Rachel. It could also be his way back to Tarsan Corporation.

As he was pondering over this, his phone notified him of a text. Holley had sent him the time and address. He smiled and could tell that Holley was very anxious, because she had immediately settled the time, which was half an hour later, and the address being not too far.

As Duncan started to prepare himself, he gave another smile that had driven all his sadness and desperation away. Maybe Holley was, indeed, right. Maybe, he would get the satisfaction he wanted once he came to the meeting.

Half an hour later, Duncan reached the cafe and found Holley situated in the far end, waving at him. As he walked towards her, he noticed that she wore a delicate make-up and a simple outfit for this meeting.

Holley stood up out of politeness as soon as Duncan was standing beside the table. She gestured on the seat across her and said, "Please, have a sit, Mr. Qiu."

Duncan smiled back politely and could feel how Holley respected him, judging by how she stood up and how she called him "Mr. Qiu" instead of his full name.

It wasn't sure yet if this meeting was Rachel's or Holley's intention.

But Duncan liked to assume that it was under Rachel's orders.

"Thank you, Miss Ye. Please, have a sit, too," Duncan replied. He was in a good mood, making his tone soft and warm.

"Mr. Qiu, I don't want to beat around the bush, so without further ado, I'd like to go straight to the reason why I called you here. Please, forgive me if I ever sound rude or offensive." Holley said in a serious tone.

Besides her real intention, however, she didn't want to talk to Duncan about anything else anyway.

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