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   Chapter 1120 The Outcome

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Considering Sheryl's attitude, Isla didn't think it necessary to console her any further. But she still chose to tell her about all the issues that were going on so that she could make a calculated decision.

"I know. Just do as I've advised. I want to see their true faces too and this is a good chance to find out," Sheryl said with a withdrawn scoff.

"All right. I will go ahead with it first thing in the morning," Isla confirmed.

After their talks about business were done, Isla shifted to the next big problem. "Sher, what about the scandal? Those pictures have spread all over the city. It's the only thing everybody is talking about."

"Charles is dealing with it for me." Sheryl considered for a while and asked, "Did someone from Tarsan Corporation come to our company again?"

"Of course not. Since you are facing such a scandal, they must be laughing at us secretly. How could they possibly have the guts to show their faces to us now after what they had done?" Isla said, discontent evident on her face.

"We can't accept that. We have finished their planning according to their requirements, but they haven't paid us the remaining fee. They can't break their deal."

Isla didn't think that Sheryl would be concerned about the money which was due when she was in all this trouble.

"Sher, you shouldn't be worried about the remaining fee in such a crucial moment. The only thing you should care about right now is your personal matter." Isla looked confused with Sheryl's style of thinking.

"No Isla, business comes first. After that, I will deal with my personal enmity with Tarsan Corporation," Sheryl ordered in a stern tone.

Isla was impressed by Sheryl's will. "You're right. But Sher, you shoudn't go out for a while. The reporters and the crazy online users won't let you unscathed if they get a hold of you," Isla reminded her. Although she knew that Sheryl was brave, Isla was still concerned

t now."

Holley tried her best to console Rachel. Honestly, she didn't give a damn about Charles' feelings. She only wanted to get back to sleep soon.

Holley didn't want to burn her calories worrying about Charles and Sheryl's relationship. It was a bit early to see the final result.

At least, Holley was confident that Sheryl had received a devastating blow through this event.

"You are right. I shouldn't be deceived by the calm in the surface. A man like Charles could never stand being cheated on!" Rachel felt reassured after hearing Holley's determined words.

"This scandal has planted a seed in Charles' heart, and it will grow until it creates huge trouble in his relationship with Sheryl."

"That's right, Ms. Bai," said Holley. She was tired and wanted to get back to sleep.

"I feel reassured now. I am sorry for having bothered you, Holley. You can go back to sleep," Rachel apologized, feeling guilty now.

"You don't have to apologize for this trivial matter. We are good friends, and it's my pleasure to be the shoulder for you to lean on during troubled times. I'm willing to talk to you for the whole night if that's what you need to relax," Holley said with a fake smile.

Rachel was delighted to hear that and hung up after saying goodbye to her.

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