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   Chapter 1119 The Crisis

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Every time he went out, Charles remained alert. With the help of professional investigators, he managed to prove that the photos were all artificial. He also had one investigator circle the abnormalities on all the photos as evidence, which displayed the differences between the original and artificial photos.

Additionally, he began to contact all the media agencies to attend the press conference he was preparing.

At the press conference, he would show all of the relevant evidence to prove Sheryl's innocence, which was of top priority to him.

As soon as Charles got busy with work, his phone rang. Charles looked at the caller ID and saw that it was a strange number.

After pausing for a while, he finally answered the phone call.

"Charles, this is Melissa," said his mother.

"Mom, what's up? Why are you calling?" Charles heaved a deep sigh of relief when he realized that the caller was his mom, not some stranger.

"Nothing specifically. I'm merely calling you to ask how you've been dealing with the matter? Any update yet?" Melissa responded in a soft tone, which was significantly different from the usual cold tone she had when talking to Sheryl.

"What's wrong, Mom? I'm still trying to find a way to solve it. Is the hotel uncomfortable?" Charles asked his mother in a concerned voice.

"I'm fine, Charles. Please, don't worry about me. I am strangely enough enjoying my stay here," she nodded, as she forgot she was on the phone and her son definitely couldn't see her action.

"Well, I'm relieved to hear that. Mom, please be patient. You just need to stay there for a few more days before you can return to Dream Garden," Charles smiled. As long as his family was living a happy life, he would always feel at ease.

"So, I guess that's it. I have nothing else to add to this conversation. You just finish what you need to do. Before I hang up the phone, I must remind you that, no matter how busy you are, you should eat regular meals and take care of yourself. You must promise me, okay?" Melissa kept nagging Charles about eating and looking after himself. Even though he was a grown man, she was worried about him.

"Mom, of course. I know it," Charles answered quickly.

After hanging up the phone, Charles glanced over at the clock. He wasn't sure whether Sheryl had fallen asleep.

Regardless of his uncertainty, he still dialed Sheryl's number.

"Sher, have you fallen asleep yet? Did I wake you?" Charles asked in a gentle voice. Hearing Charles' voice, she felt happy and replied, "I'm lying in bed now. Clark and Shirley have already fallen asleep."

"Okay, that's fine. You should sleep early tonight." After Charles confirmed that his family was safe and sound, he felt relieved. At that moment, he was ready to hang up the phone.

"Wait, Charles...We need to talk. Clark and Shirley have been at home for several days now. Don't you think we should send them to the kindergarten tomorrow?" Sheryl hastily suggested before Charles hung up the phone. She hadn't been sending them to the kindergarten during the last couple of days, as she didn't want t


"So, Sher, what should we do now? I mean, we can't just accept their requests to terminate their contracts or withdraw their investments. As for the employees, they even asked for Cloud Advertising Company to pay them unemployed remuneration. I cannot believe that they have the nerve to do so! The company has never treated them unfairly, so how could they expect this from us now?"

The more Isla complained, the more infuriated she got.

"Just let them do what they want, Isla. For the employees that handed in their resignation letters, just let them go. As for the investors, terminate their contracts as well. Just agree to everybody's requests, because even if we try to detain them, the company won't be able to gain any benefits from them in the long run." Coming to a conclusion about the situation, Sheryl felt furious.

"Sher, if we let them go, how will Cloud Advertising Company continue its business? I understand that you don't have patience with these employees, but why do we need to accept their requests for unemployed remuneration?" Isla replied. At that moment, her voice emulated the sound of both concern and anger. If the company allowed the employees, investors and customers to do what they wanted, the company would be forced to declare bankruptcy!

After all, Cloud Advertising Company was a company, not a charity.

"Whether to pay the unemployed remuneration or not, merely depends on the company's regulations. The affairs regarding the termination of contracts are also conducted in accordance with the company's contracts. We don't have to be scared of them. Even if Cloud Advertising Company goes bankrupt and I need to start from scratch, I won't keep these snobbish people in my company whatsoever!" Sheryl said with a firm determination.

"Okay, I will solve these problems under your supervision, but Sher, you should be prepared for the consequences. If we're really going to go through with this, Cloud Advertising Company won't earn an income, nor make any profits to sustain itself, " Isla added in a worried voice.

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