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   Chapter 1118 A Trump Card

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Without sparing a glance at Charles or Sheryl, Melissa walked down the stairs slowly, maintaining her cold expression. When she reached the bottom floor, she made her way to the sofa before settling into a comfortable position. "Just because I was released from prison, it doesn't mean I'm an idiot, clueless about what's going on!"

"Mom…you've read the news?"

As he asked, Charles made sure to speak carefully.

"It's already made the headlines of entertainment news. I'm not blind. How could I miss it?"

It was clear that Melissa was in a foul mood.

"Well, since you know, Mom, I'll be honest with you. It's fake news. Someone wanted to frame Sher, and we need your help." After he exclaimed that, he looked at Melissa intently. At that point, he couldn't tell whether or not Melissa would believe and help him.

"I'm an old woman. How could I possibly help? Charles, if this is your explanation, then I have to ask you, how do you know if it's true that someone wanted to set her up?"

Obviously, Melissa was not convinced.

"Moreover, there are so many rich families in this city. Why should someone choose her to target?" she continued.

"Mom, this is a complicated matter. It's partly because of me. I can't explain everything to you right now. How about this? Let's draw away the paparazzi first. I'll explain everything else in due time. Please help us!"

"We can't let those people surround the house. We have two kids in our home! Once this issue goes out of control, it will become a nightmare for Shirley and Clark! Look at what you've done. It's always the kids who suffer the most." Full of frustration, Melissa couldn't stop complaining.

Though Sheryl wanted to defend herself, Charles stopped her. He pleaded, "Mom, you're right. But it has already happened. Could you help us for the sake of Clark and Shirley?"

"What do you want me to do?"

she asked in spite of her angry expression.

After Charles relayed his plan, Melissa nodded. "Alright, I'll help you this time. But Charles, I have to warn you, be careful in the future."

Since Charles was smart enough to understand what she meant, Melissa didn't bother trying to lecture him


The battle had just begun. For them to overcome it, Charles knew that he had to make use of every minute. The rumors spread like wildfire, and the longer they lasted, the more difficult it would be for Sheryl. Moreover, Clark and Shirley would be affected in school.

Meanwhile, Rachel was extremely satisfied with the result. "Holley, have you watched the news? How is it? Even though I've been gone for three years, the media won't forget me so easily," Rachel gloated.

"Congratulations Ms. Bai! The news is truly impressive. With these high-definition photos, it's impossible for Sheryl to turn the tables this time!" Of course, Holley was more than happy to see Sheryl being defeated.

"It's not the time for us to celebrate. Keep calm. Let's wait until we win a thorough triumph!"

In spite of what she said, Rachel was looking overjoyed as she urged Holley to calm down.

"By the way, I remember you had a former employee called Duncan, right? If we invite him to join us now, I'm sure he'll be glad to grasp this opportunity!" Now that anything could happen, Holley wanted to add a safety measure for their success. She had to make it a no-win situation for Sheryl.

"That's a great idea! Holley, you're a genius. Duncan must be desperate to get revenge on Sheryl now. But how can we use him against her?"

"You don't need to worry, Ms. Bai. I'll handle everything. I'm sure you'll be satisfied," Holley sneered maliciously.

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