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   Chapter 1117 Ask Melissa For Help

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It was widely known that Tarsan Corporation and Shining Company were leading enterprises in Y City. Now that the boss of the media company already offended the latter, he had no intention of messing with the former. He didn't want to ruin his career by insulting the two biggest companies at the same time.

Abruptly, Sheryl snatched the phone from Charles' hand and ended the call.

"Come on, honey, don't blame them. Now that they've released the news, they must have already weighed the pros and cons. It's useless to trouble them," she persuaded her furious husband.

"Sher, these are fake pictures, right?" Nancy asked her in confusion. She wanted to trust Sheryl, for she didn't believe that the latter would have an affair.

But the photos told another story. 'What's going on? Is the report telling the truth or not?' she wondered.

Even though she didn't want to explain it, seeing the anxious look on the maid's face made her decide to clarify the fact. "Of course those pictures are processed. I was set up," she expounded.

Sheryl's brief explanation dispelled Nancy's doubts. Raising her brows, the loyal maid voiced out her thoughts, "You're in trouble, Sher. Since it was on TV, the people who saw it will believe the report.

You said you didn't do this and I believe you. But you can't explain to everyone. Even if you do, I don't think they'll believe you."

Even without Nancy's reminder, Sheryl knew that she was in an awkward position and it couldn't get worse. Despite the fact, there was nothing she could do about it.

Knowing this, Sheryl told herself, 'I have no choice but to live with it.'

"Daddy, Mommy, get up! When are we going to school?"

Clark and Shirley asked at the same time, as they got out of their room.

Sheryl headed upstairs and stood in front of her loving kids. If she escorted them to school, she knew she might embarrass them with the whole issue going on. "Clark, Shirley, I just realized that I have some work to do. Would you get mad at me if I couldn't take part in the activity?"

Sheryl asked tentatively as she watched the kids intently.

If she broke her word, she was afraid t

f I left here now and didn't come back, what about Clark and Shirley?' she wondered.

"Of course you can't go outside. You need to stay and look after our children. But those outside don't know my mother. She's as tall and thin as you are so she's the perfect person to pose as you. If she puts on your clothes and covers her face, no one will discover her." Charles' plan became clear.

"But…would she agree to help me? She hates me. Now with this happening, she must want to kick me out of Dream Garden," Sheryl echoed negatively. It was unlikely that Melissa would offer her help.

However, Melissa had stayed rather low key these days, seldom going out or even meeting Sheryl. But Sheryl believed that Charles' mother must be utterly displeased with her after hearing the news, and she was certain that Melissa knew what was going on.

"Don't worry. I'll talk to her. Wait here, I'll be back soon."

After reassuring her, he rushed towards the staircase.

That day, Melissa had yet to leave her room.

"There's no need. I'm coming to you." Melissa's loud voice could be heard from inside as she opened the door before her son could reach it. Calmly and unhurriedly, she walked down the stairs wearing a stern look.

When she spoke to Charles, her voice was not as tender as usual.

"Mom…" he said meekly, an expression of surprise coloring his face. Charles froze as he watched Melissa take slow steps down the stairs.

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