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   Chapter 1115 Give Me Some Credit

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Sheryl automatically nodded her head in approval, sinking into deep thought. If those fake nude pictures of her were exposed the next morning, her reputation would be ruined. Even if she explained to the mass that those photos were processed, they still wouldn't buy it.

So the crucial thing to do at the moment was to stop the media from publishing them.

Meanwhile, Charles was busy contacting the media. When Sheryl snapped out of her daze, she rested her eyes on him and saw a crease between his eyebrows. Even though she couldn't hear what was being said on the other end, she could tell by his expression that it was not good news.

When he slammed the phone down, she asked, "What did they say, Charles?"

"Rachel is such a bitch. She already called the media. She has threatened to expose their dirty secrets to the public if they don't publish your news as the front-page headlines tomorrow," Charles thundered. Going ballistic, he swiped his hand over the documents on his desk and let everything fall to the floor.

"Oh God... She is so vicious! What secrets does the media have to keep and how does she know it?" Sheryl fumed, narrowing her eyes. She didn't think that Rachel was capable of hatching such a flawless plot.

"The media is a complex industry. There are some hidden rules and nasty business that comes with it. But none of them would expose each other in order to work peacefully. Rachel Bai was in that circle, so she knows how it works,"

Charles explained, trying to calm down.

"What are we going to do now?" Sheryl asked with a troubled look.

"Rachel knows their dirty business, so they have no choice but to obey her. Things just got way more complicated!" Charles said, frustrated by his helplessness.

Silence filled the office. After thinking for a while, he came up with something. Rubbing his chin, he said, "Perhaps this might work. I will give it a shot."

"What's the plan? Tell me!" Sheryl urged him, looking perplexed.

"You know what? I will take you home first. Wa

ned expression. He then turned to Sheryl and said earnestly, "After you play with her for a while, please go to your room and get some rest."

"That's okay, Clark. I am not tired," Sher tried to assure her son.

"You adults are always acting this way. You look exhausted, but still insist that you are not. You don't have to act so tough." Clark wasn't buying her story.

Sheryl was struck speechless. She knew that Clark could not be fooled; he was a smart kid.

While she was wondering how to respond, Clark continued, "I hope you haven't forgotten about our parent-child activity in school, have you?"

Without his reminder, she would have forgotten all about it. After all, she had had a rough day.

"Of course, I remember. Dad and I will be there on time. Don't worry," Sheryl replied in a composed manner.

"That's good. Don't forget," Clark urged. It seemed like he had perceived that his mother had lied to him, but he didn't debunk her lie.

"Come on, honey, give me some credit," Sheryl said with a subtle smile.

At this point, Shirley flew down the stairs with her Barbie doll. "Mom, let's play!" she gushed.

"Okay!" Sheryl took the doll from her daughter and proposed, "Let's play house! What do you say?"

"Yes Mommy, I love it. You are the best!" Shirley exclaimed in joy, as she clasped her small hands together.

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