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   Chapter 1114 Not So Serious

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Charles sounded upset. He was in a complete mess in his mind. Things just went out of the hands, and they could do nothing about it. It was a mix of embarrassment, humiliation, and helplessness that came out in the form of anger. There was complete silence between Charles and Sheryl. She could hardly bring herself to look into his eyes.

Sheryl went numb after what had happened. The only sensation she could feel in her heart was just a sting of seeing Charles seething in anger. She thought he was angry just because he did not believe in her.

She had lost her voice. Her eyes were burning in rage. She just lowered her head and tried with all her might to accept what she had just gone through.

After all the back-breaking hard work she had put in to make this project a grand success, the last thing she had expected was being stabbed by the client in this manner. As the situation turned out, Sheryl had fallen prey to Rachel's plot. She had been used as a pawn and thrown out after serving the purpose.

Just as Sheryl could not look at Charles, even he avoided eye contact with her. There was complete silence between the two of them as the car zoomed out of the parking lot. After a long time, he turned his head and glanced at Sheryl.

And in that one glance, his heart wrenched as he saw Sheryl silently shedding tears in her seat.

"Sher…I-I don't mean that, Sher. I believe you. I am just worried about how to deal with those reporters, and how to suppress those reports!" Charles explained anxiously. He knew that he was the only person whom Sheryl could turn to for support at this hour of despair. He tried to comfort her.

Sheryl's mood was a bit calmer, but she was still a little angry.

"Well, wipe your tears, okay? It was entirely my fault. I didn't check the details of Tarsan Corporation at first. That is the reason that led you to face such a big debacle." Charles took the blame on himself as he handed over the napkin to Sheryl. "Don't cry, Sher. You look so beautiful now. If you continue crying, your makeup will be smudged." He smiled at her as he tried to divert her mind. She tried to acknowledge his efforts to make her feel better and force a smile, but her eyes could not conceal the pain in her heart. Tears oozed out of them uncontrollably. As she wiped her tears with the napkin, she broke into a suppressed sob.

At the same time in the wine party, Rachel and Holley were very happy at first. Initially, everything went on as their plans. However, Charles' intervention in their revenge drama played a spoiler to their game. It came as something like a foul dessert after a wonderful meal that marred the enjoyment completely.

Rachel was very angry and jealous. Sheryl cheated on him in front of so many famous businessmen in Y

rate our first victory. For sure we deserve a good meal." Holley laughed heartily.

"Let's wait for the headlines tomorrow! And then we'll discuss our next plans." Rachel also laughed.

Charles got muffled thinking about the photos shown in the party. He could not even think of going back home. After all, Melissa was at home and she didn't like Sheryl. Charles shuddered at the thought of Melissa coming to know about today's incident.

So he drove directly to Shining Company taking Sheryl along with him.

"Mr. Lu, hello. You still have a meeting in ten minutes. Do you want to attend it or delay it?" David saw Charles pace steadily inside the office with Sheryl by his side. He wondered why Charles came in ahead of time, and approached him to ask about the meeting.

"Delay!" Charles' tone was cold and his lips were set in a straight line. He did not even make eye contact with David as he replied to him.

David had been working with Charles for many years. With just one look at Charles' face, he could gauge at his state of mind. Moreover, Sheryl walked right behind him with an equally solemn face. David needed no more hints to understand that something had gone terribly wrong. "Okay, Mr. Lu, I will reschedule the meeting," said David before he left Charles' room.

He knew that Charles would not want to see anyone right now!

Seeing how David had been snubbed by Charles, no other employee dared to approach him.

After entering his office, Charles closed the door after Sheryl entered. Sheryl pulled a chair and sat down.

Suddenly, Charles sprang up and remarked with a sparkle in his eyes, "Sher, just wait a minute. Let me make a call. This is not as serious as we think!" Charles looked at Sheryl and gave a reassuring smile to comfort her. Sheryl looked into Charles' eyes and her face lit up with a glint of hope.

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