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   Chapter 1113 The Headlines

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"Sheryl, don't worry. We trust you," one of the employees of Cloud Advertising Company comforted Sheryl. She felt very sorry for her boss to be humiliated in public.

Working together with Sheryl for such a long time made some of the employees understand her nature very well, so they were willing to console her and offer words of encouragement at such a crucial moment.

But their moral support and words of consolation did nothing in helping her in that dire situation. The majority of people barely knew her or didn't know her at all. What was worse, some of her employees began looking at her with skeptical eyes—doubting her.

To most of them, "women in power" who were getting involved with different men were considered leading a dissolute life. However, one of these so-called "women in power" was Sheryl, who was the CEO's wife, so naturally, certain people would blame her out of jealousy.

Sheryl felt hurt catching the accusation from her colleagues, but she maintained her calm demeanor. "She is responsible for this design and knows every detail about it. It must be an accident that she put her own naked picture in and exposed her secrets. Oh, what a shameless woman!"

They spoke of her in a hushed tone. Though they were fully aware that their accusation was just a devious suspicion without any proof, they pretended to have seen through everything—clearly revealing their jealousy.

It seemed to be of human nature that nobody cared whether the photos were real or not. Envious people only wanted to see those exceptional and extraordinary women lose face in public.

With deep animosity, they hoped Sheryl to lose everything in this event.

"Ms. Xia, can you explain for the photos displayed on the screen?" Reporters made their way towards Sheryl, who was already out of the stage, and surrounded her immediately. But Sheryl could only notice that they were all aiming at her direction to film her and capture photos of her. Confused as she was, she managed to look composed and collected. She was utterly undisturbed.

"Who is the man in the photos?" "When did you begin dating this m

d that he couldn't help doubting its authenticity. What if they were real?

As much as he didn't want to think about it at all, he couldn't stop himself from connecting the photos with reality in his mind and that of his jealousy.

He couldn't help being tortured by them, even though he regarded that those images couldn't be real.

Deep inside Charles, he believed his woman should only be his. But now her naked body had been seen by so many people in public, and what was more, she was lying in another man's bed!

Nevertheless, the guests and reporters were convinced not to buy the idea that those pictures were modified, even though Sheryl and Charles had openly denied it.

What they saw was so vivid. Their wild reactions and the gossip they carefully crafted about Sheryl left an impact for Charles.

Everybody had assumed Sheryl was the woman displayed on the screen.

"Charles, you still don't believe me, right?" Sheryl inquired bluntly in a small voice. Sheryl could not take his silence anymore. The anguish swelling within her heart was threatening to explode. Now, her heart was broken. She lowered her head in despair and demanded, "Let me get out of the car."

"Why? What are you doing? Do you want the reporters to make up some fake news? If you get out of the car now, your scandal will be the headlines of tomorrow's newspapers. Then you will have no chance to defend yourself!"

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