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   Chapter 1112 Rachel's Big Surprise

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The guests at the party went on talking about Rachel. But Tarsan Corporation was the host of the banquet, and Rachel was now the boss. They didn't think it was wise to be rude to someone of her position, and kept their voices down in whispers.

When it was announced that Rachel was about to give her speech, the guests welcomed her with a rapturous applause.

Rachel didn't even flinch as she bravely faced all the disrespectful questions and whispers. She smiled gracefully and stayed calm as she walked past them. She was just as glamorous as she was in the past, but more confident and mature.

She got onto the stage and stepped forward. But right before she stopped at the rostrum and reached out to get the microphone, a buzz of astonished gasps arose from the audience. Some images had appeared on the screen behind Rachel, and she immediately faked a confused look.

Rachel was an actress—a good actress; it was a piece of cake for her to pretend to be an innocent onlooker. She was pretty pleased with her own performance.

She quickly changed her expession to one of puzzlement. After seeing what was on the screen, she snapped into a fake panic. "God! What is this? Turn it off!"

The audience started talking. "Look! Is that Mrs Lu?"

"Yes, that's her! Wow! This is going to be a huge scandal as she's the wife of the CEO of the Shining Company and also the boss of the Cloud Advertising Company. Unbelievable!"

"Women are good liars. Mrs. Lu is no exception."

"But this is tremendously slutty. Who is that man?"

"She is really hot though... Look at those breasts..." The chatter among the guests started getting rude and dirty.

On the screen, a bunch of pictures kept appearing one after another automatically in which Sheryl was half-naked and was writhing her body with a naked man.

The pictures were in different sultry poses, which made the situation even worse.

"Sheryl, is that you?!" Even though she knew Sheryl well, Isla was at a loss when she suddenly saw the pictures. It was no surprise that the rest of the audience believed what they were shown.

Sheryl was confused too. She knew for sure that she had never done anything like that. But then, who faked the pictures? Who put them on the screen? Most

res on purpose?" Rachel sneered.

"You know what I meant. Besides, I have to say, in spite of being a professional actress, you are not doing a very good job. Next time, try not to act this clumsily." Charles' piercing eyes were fixed on her as he criticized her mercilessly.

"Mr. Lu, this is Tarsan Corporation's first time being a host in Y City. You seriously think that I, the boss, would risk the reputation of my company to defame your wife?" Rachel confronted him without flinching.

The two stood on the stage, face to face, creating a tense atmosphere which successfully drew the attention of the hall. The cameras continued flashing.

"If not, then how do you explain all this?" Charles snapped angrily.

"Mr. Lu, I think you already know that your wife was the one who planned this banquet. If you really think that this accident was a conspiracy, then you should ask your wife about it. She is the one who should take responsibility for everything that has gone wrong here today," Rachel replied with a smirk.

"I have no need to ask her. I know my wife better than anyone else. She would never do such a thing. And even if these pictures were real, I don't think she's stupid enough to let them be exposed like this at a party which she had planned herself. I am fully aware that someone wanted her to be the planner, and had carefully created this chaos which was waiting for her. Ms. Bai, is this your doing?" Charles stressed each syllable as he asked her through gritted teeth.

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