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   Chapter 1111 She Is Back

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"I am not making fun of you. I am just telling the truth.

Come on, Sheryl. Let's get inside," said Isla.

When Sheryl and Charles walked into the hall, there were many guests, and the couple immediately became their focus. Many businessmen flocked to them and tried to butter Charles up.

"Hello, Mr. Lu, here you are."

"Mr. Lu, is this your wife? She is gorgeous."

"Mr. Lu, we had a pleasant talk last time. How about I treat you to another meal."

Flattering words flooded Charles and Sheryl. As the former was accustomed to such flattery, he easily brushed them off. He just nodded and smiled at them diplomatically.

"Charles, I need to look around. See you later," Sheryl whispered in his ear. As the person in charge of this party, she couldn't just stand there as a guest.

"Okay. If anything happens, remember to call me," Charles urged, as he gazed at her dotingly.

"I will," Sheryl nodded, pulling Isla's sleeve and walking away with her.

"Mrs. CEO, why did you avoid them? They were praising you," Isla teased cheekily, amused by the awkward look on Sheryl's face.

"You know me. I'm sick of those hypocritical people," Sheryl said with a frown.

"Me too. I really want to take photos of them to show them how ridiculous they look," Isla followed with a scornful expression. She hated all these deceitful people.

"Ms. Xia," a familiar voice resounded behind her.

When she turned around, Sheryl saw Irene. "Hello, Irene!" she greeted back.

"Hi, Ms. Xia, the party is about to start. Thank you very much for your diligent planning. Our president is quite satisfied with your work," Irene praised with a polite smile.

"I'm flattered," Sheryl returned, smiling back at her.

"Well, I must go, Ms. Xia. I am going to give a speech on the stage," Irene said before walking off.

Sheryl thought she might have had a visual illusion, but when Irene was leaving, she saw a vicious

her. Irene was an excellent emcee, and most of the audience was touched by her delivery.

"Look, Sher. Guess who is with Holley," Isla whispered in surprise.

Following Irene's gaze, Sheryl saw Rachel standing close to the stage.

"Why is she here? When did she come back?" Sheryl muttered, wrinkling her eyebrows. Her anxiety swiftly increased. 'What's going on? I wasn't expecting them to be here,' she wondered.

"Why is she standing beside Holley?" Isla muttered with a puzzled look.

Back on the stage, the screen was displaying photos of Tarsan Corporation's new building in Y City.

"Well, next let's welcome our CEO of Tarsan Corporation, Miss Rachel Bai!" Irene announced happily, as she clapped her hands and gazed admiringly at Rachel, who stood elegantly, a mysterious smile adorning her face. As planned, the party would reach its "climax" before she walked onto the stage.

In a black long one-shoulder chiffon dress, Rachel gracefully stepped forward. All of a sudden, whispers broke out amongst the guests.

"She's the CEO of Tarsan Corporation?"

"Isn't she an actress? When did she become the boss of Tarsan Corporation?"

"Didn't she marry into the Lu family? Why would she be the president of Tarsan Corporation?"

"This woman is really something..."

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