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   Chapter 1110 Average Aesthetic Standard

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"Yes, that's why I agreed to this. It will be a good opportunity for us as well. All our staff are going to be there. We will have the chance to meet some of the most successful businessmen in Y City. It'll be good for Cloud Advertising Company." Isla had the same opinion as Sheryl.

Saturday came quickly. Charles put on a classic suit. As he looked at himself in the mirror, a smile lingered on his lips. He was pretty satisfied with his look for the evening.

"What are you up to? Are you going on a blind date?" Sheryl questioned, with a frown on her face.

She was busy preparing some things when she stole a glance at Charles. As the activity planner, she was naturally supposed to attend the Tarsan Corporation wine party.

"Don't judge me. Aren't you dressed up too? It's just a planning for a wine party of some small company. Is it really necessary to dress up like this? Aren't you worried of being targeted by other men?" Charles retorted.

"Whoever said I was going for some small company's wine party? It's a major corporation, which has recently moved its core business to Y City. Powerful and successful people are attending the party," said Sheryl with her nose in the air. All of a sudden, something hit her.

"Wait...Which company's party are you going to?" "Don't tell me you are talking about Tarsan Corporation!"

Sheryl and Charles both blurted out simultaneously. They looked at each other, dumbstruck.

"Yes, I am talking about Tarsan Corporation!" Sheryl nodded, with a mixed expression of shock and surprise.

"So, you have been planning the party for Tarsan Corporation?" Charles asked. He had a bad feeling. But on second thought, he might be overthinking things.

After his recent contact with Rachel, Charles felt that she had no lingering feelings for him. She was no longer the old Rachel, the one who always stuck to him.

Now, she was the CEO of Tarsan Corporation.

As the president of such an important corporation, she would not be foolish enough to take revenge on Sheryl by sacrificing the image of her company.

"Yes. Didn't I mention it before?" Sheryl asked. Going back to her pr

ged by her. To be more specific, Sheryl came up with the plans, and Isla found the men for the job.

Looking at the two professional young men, Charles could not help but praise his wife. "So, it's true that Cloud Advertising Company has good aesthetic standards."

"Are you saying that Cloud Advertising Company has an eye for beauty, or that I am good at it?" Sheryl asked slyly. Sheryl could sense the strong aura of jealousy coming from Charles.

"Well, you were the one who hired these handsome boys here, right?" Charles asked with a raised brow.

At first glance, they looked well-built and good looking. But when he looked closer, he realized that there were nowhere as handsome as he was. A smile emerged on the side of his lips. "On second thought, they are just average looking bouncers," he laughed.

"Mr. Lu, are you looking down on my aesthetic taste?" Sheryl asked with a smirk. As they were talking, Isla came out from the reception hall. The bouncers bowed to her respectfully.

"Ah! So, it was you who hired the two men here!" Charles exclaimed when he saw Isla. He heaved a long sigh.

"Yes, it was me. What's the matter? Did you think that your Sheryl hired them?" Isla teased. "Mr. Lu, sorry to burst your jealousy bubble, but Sheryl doesn't have eyes for anyone else but you. So I take care of this kind of stuff."

Sheryl laughed. "Stop making fun of me," she said, embarrassed by Isla's words.

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