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   Chapter 1109 A Friend In Prison(Part Two)

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"Oh? So you have a friend in prison. That sounds good!" echoed Charles. 'When Mom was in jail, she had someone to talk to. Now that she's out, she's got no one to confide in except me,' he thought, feeling bad for Melissa.

"Oh yes, she's a nice child about your age. She was good to me and helped me a lot. Unfortunately, she's still in jail. If she could get out right now, I would be less lonely."

The tone Melissa used to narrate the story was one that sounded like she didn't believe it was something that could happen in her lifetime.

Her voice carried a hint of sadness. It felt like she would never find another friend as good as the one she mentioned.

"Were you in a cell?" he asked. He could sense that Melissa cared about that friend very much.

"Yes, we were roommates. At that time, she had just gotten arrested for a couple of days. She would always tell me what was happening outside. She always comforted me, too."

Her reply was in a faint voice.

After some moments, she went on, "I'm really grateful to Leila Zhang for treating me so well. She's a good girl actually, but made some mistakes…"

"Wait, Mom, what's her name?" he interrupt her abruptly.

"She's Leila Zhang," answered Melissa calmly. Of course, it was completely intentional to introduce her to Charles.

Bringing up her name was just a start. She was convinced that she could bring Leila into her son's life again.

"Leila Zhang?" he repeated in disbelief. 'What a coincidence!' he thought.

"Yes, it's her. Do you know her?"

Melissa put on a curious facade.

"Um…no. I just heard about her."

Charles had no intention of telling his mother what had happened between him and Leila.

With a gleam shining in her eyes, she stared at her son and gushed, "Is that so, Charles? Then you must know that she really is a good girl. Can you help me get her out? When I was in prison, she was truly kind to me. I'm dying to talk to her and bring her to nice places whe

e held this Saturday.

"Isla, tell the guys that Tarsan Corporation is going to hold a party this Saturday. Ask them to go and decorate the site," said Sheryl, bubbly and in a good mood.

"Got it!"

Isla nodded at her obediently.

"Has Charles' mother been giving you a hard time recently?"

A couple of days had passed since Melissa returned home from the hospital. Isla wanted to know whether Charles' mother made another move.

"No, she hasn't. Everything's been good, lately. Don't worry about me, Isla," replied Sheryl with a faint smile.

"I'm glad to hear that."

Once she heard this, Isla's worries disappeared.

"Oh, one more thing. I got a call from Tarsan Corporation.

They said that some of their guests can't attend the party, so they asked for all of our staff to attend," Isla added as she led the topic to work right away.

"Tarsan Corporation is holding such a grand party. They just transferred their business to Y City, so many of the local companies might not have heard about them yet. It's normal that some might refuse the invitations," Sheryl explained.

When the representatives from Tarsan Corporation first came to Cloud Advertising, they expressed their conditions to Sheryl. A grand, creative party was in order since it would be their very first event in Y City.

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