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   Chapter 1108 A Friend In Prison(Part One)

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"To be honest, back when I got married to Edward, I lived a hard life. At that time I hated you so much. If you were the person I married, I wouldn't be what I am today!"

Rachel said word for word.

"But later on, I began to feel grateful to Edward, because I knew that if it weren't for him, I couldn't have gone abroad at all, much less marry the ex-president of Tarsan Corporation. Although he was old enough to be my grandfather, he was good-tempered and had a thorough view of everything, having gone through all kinds of things in his life. He didn't mind my past at all. Maybe foreigners are just always more open-minded than people here.

After we got married, he was very kind to me. It was a pity that he passed away shortly after. But in his will, he made a substantial bequest to me."

After hearing all these details about her life, Charles didn't respond. After all, birds of different feathers don't flock together. Maybe this kind of life was one that Rachel liked. If it were Sheryl, though, she wouldn't have made such a choice.

"So, Mr. Lu, I choose Shining Company as my partner because I'm most familiar with it compared to any other company. I believe that if we join hands, we'll earn more money, and create more opportunities." With that statement, Rachel stared at Charles, maintaining a confident tone.

"Now that you've confessed your intentions to me, I also need to be honest with you. Shining Company won't cooperate with you.

To begin with, Chris' father won't agree to cooperate with you. After all, he's gotten a share in Shining Company."

Refusing her offer, Charles was direct.

No matter what Rachel wanted to do with the cooperation, he didn't want to partner with Tarsan Corporation. Knowing that Sheryl has already been in a foul mood lately, he didn't want to cause any other misunderstandings.

"Mr. Lu, are you really deciding to give up this excellent opportunity because of some trivial matters? This isn't your style of work, is it? In a business circle, why do you need to care about those unimportant things?" Not giving up, Rachel continued persuading Charles. By no means did she want to be refused by Charles like that. To cooperate with Shining Company was the best way she could app

ore a kind expression.

Granting his mother's request, he sat beside Melissa. "What's the matter?"

"Charles, I know that since I came to live in Dream Garden, I've been a disturbance to your life. I've thought about it the whole day, and I believe I've found the reason. The embarrassing situation now is just because I keep staying at home, becoming idler every day." The way she said it was like she saw through something.

"Mom, stop saying that. We don't have an intention to blame you—"

It was difficult to see his mother feel guilty.

"You just listen to me. What I mean is that I've become like this because I don't have any friends with me. It's time for me to make some friends and enjoy my time with them. By doing so, I wouldn't need to stay at home all the time, and we can enjoy life together with less friction between us."

She cut Charles off and expressed her thoughts.

Melissa's words enlightened him. There was no doubt that what she said was right, so he simply nodded his head and said, "It's definitely time for you to get out there and spend time with other people. After all, if you continue staying alone like this, you might develop some serious psychological illness. You can still contact your old friends now?"

How could she still have any friends in the area if she stayed in prison for 15 years? Melissa shook her head and answered honestly, "I don't have any friends here, but I do have a friend I met in prison. She's a very kind and sensible girl."

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