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   Chapter 1106 Charles’ Apology

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Charles empathized with Melissa. For a woman, there is nothing more devastating than having to withstand the man of her life betraying her for another woman. At the same time, it was equally awkward for him as a son to confront this truth that had been a part of his parent's life.

"How did Dad and that woman …" Charles wanted to know more about his father's affair back then.

"As a wife, I always believed in your father. But at that time, I had a very strong intuition that something wasn't right between them. When I decided to look into the matter, I was shocked to find out that they had been staying with each other for more than a year. Then I decided to do whatever was needful to save my marriage. I tried my best to make the woman stay away from your father, but all my efforts fell flat on their faces. I could see my world falling apart. I had never felt so incredibly helpless in my life. At last, when all other attempts failed, I made a last yet bold choice. I asked for a divorce from your father. I gave him a clear choice. It was either her or me. And then, your father finally broke up with that woman and came back to me." Charles gazed at his mother's face as she spoke. Myriads of emotions played on her face as she went into each and every detail of that time as if the moments were still alive in her heart.

"However, that woman was not willing to end her relationship with your dad. To get your dad back, she rushed back to Dream Garden time and time again, and argued with your dad, accusing him of abandoning her so ruthlessly. Luckily, your dad realized that it was a mistake to get involved with that woman, so every time the woman came back to look for him, he showed himself to be absolutely over with her."

"Even then, she still didn't give up. To make the situation worse, that woman held me accountable for everything. She held a grudge against me. To punish me, she tried hard to set me up many times, even ruin my reputation. Though she could not make it, what she had done left a deep mark on my mind. And that's the reason why I can't bring myself to be nice to Sher no matter how much I try. I admit that I have been extremely unfair to her."

Melissa paused to watch Charles' reaction. Her face was filled with remorse as she continued, "Charles, Sher looks so much identical with that woman. Every time I look at her face, all those moments of despair come alive in front of my eyes. I find it really odd. In fact, at one point in time, I even felt…"

"You mean Sheryl may be related to that woman by blood? And that is why they look identical?" Charles interrupted his mother. He was rather dubious about the whole idea.

"Earlier, I thought so," Melissa explained. "So, after I came back to Dream Garden, I secretly investigated the woman involved with your dad before. I followed where the woman had gone. In the end, I found out that the woman has been married to another man, and they only have a son. Then I became assured that Sher has nothing to do with that woman. It is a mere coincidence that she looks like her!"

Charles let out a gasp of relief in silence. Then he nodded and commented, "So, they have nothing to do with each other, right?"

"Yes, it was my fault. I have thought too much into it. So much that I started to misbehave with Sher." Melissa admitted her fault in front of Charles. She looked extremely remorseful as she explained, "It was all because of a mistake. I regret how I have treated Sher." She looked at Charles' face to gauge his reaction.

Melissa further implied that she would never treat Sheryl in that way ever again.

Charles settled Melissa in her bedroom and walked back to his own. He believed in what Melissa told him and hoped that the relationship between his mother and his wife would improve for the better. When he entered the bedroom, Sheryl was lying in the be


"Oh! Are you? But what is it for?" Sheryl looked bewildered as she said. Her already crowded mind struggled to process the new information, and it came out absolutely clear on her face.

"I don't know whether you still remember me. The last time when you came to Tarsan Corporation, you were received by me. At that time, I was instructed not to allow you to enter. But you forced your way, and then a series of unhappy things happened. Mr. Qiu got furious, and tried to blame all of it on me. In fact, he went to the extent of firing me!"

Hearing this, Sheryl got completely perplexed. She asked, "So, my last visit almost took you to the verge of losing your job. Then what is it exactly that makes you be thankful to me?"

The receptionist smiled once again and tried to pacify Sheryl's growing inquisitiveness. "Let me finish, please. When Ms. Qiu fired me, it felt like the most cursed moment of my life. It was a moment of despair, and I was packing my stuff. Right at that moment, I was informed that our CEO fired Mr. Qiu. So my job was saved. Moreover, to my surprise, the CEO decided to raise my salary to comfort me. I could never thank you enough for that." There was a spark in the receptionist's eyes and a humble smile on her face as she related the whole incident to Sheryl. She further revealed to Sheryl that her life was changed for better ever since she met Sheryl.

"Oh, I got it." Sheryl smiled heartily as she finally understood why the receptionist had changed her attitude toward her so abruptly.

It took them a long walk from the front desk to the conference room. Evidently, enough time to have a hearty recapitulation of Sheryl's last visit and even a complete account of what followed after that. Somehow, talking to the receptionist made Sheryl feel better, and a genuine smile appeared on her face. Good vibes come from absolutely unexpected quarters at the time when you are not even expecting them. As they reached the conference room, the receptionist turned towards Sheryl once again and said, "Ms. Xia, please allow me a moment. Let me inform Irene, and she will be right here."

"Please do. Thank you," Sheryl nodded.

"Not at all. It is my duty. Please wait here." The receptionist gave Sheryl a big smile and left.

After a short span of waiting, a woman in uniform approached them. Seeing Sheryl and Isla, she greeted them, "Nice to meet you. I am Irene, assistant to the CEO. Ten minutes ago, the CEO had to leave for a meeting held at our headquarters. So I have been instructed to meet you. I hope you will not mind it."

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