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Throughout the whole conversation, Charles kept his eyes on Melissa, observing her facial expressions closely and waiting for the slightest suspicious change. He wanted to catch the exact moment that her expression changed so he could call her bluff immediately.

Much to his disappointment, he didn't detect any change at all in her expression. In fact, ever since he had broken the news that he was planning to move out with his family, she seemed to have frozen in shock.

"Mom?" Charles said gently as he put his hand on hers. He couldn't help feeling guilty at Melissa's reaction. He even started to doubt himself, wondering if he was making the right decision to move out.

"Charles, did Sher say something to you? Never mind, forget it. I'm getting old and don't understand the way you youngsters think nowadays..." Melissa's voice trailed off. She sounded forlorn and defeated.

Tears started to form in her eyes.

Charles was instantly brought back to the day his father passed away. Melissa had a huge fight with his father right before he went out, and left the house. Sadly, his father had met with an accident that day and died before the ambulance could arrive. When his mother had heard the news, she had exactly the same expression that she was wearing now. Afterwards she had left, and he had never seen her again for the next fifteen years.

"Mom, I'm doing this for you. I know you've only moved in with us for a few days, but you look so miserable. I hate to see you like this." Charles tried to comfort her, hoping that she wouldn't take it personally.

Melissa shook her head and smiled weakly. "No, no, it's not that I disagree with your decision. As a mother, I just want whatever is best for you, and makes you happy."

She had never seen this coming. In the process of breaking Charles and Sheryl up, she had nearly lost her life and had almost no regrets. But now, they were planning to move out, and she was going to lose her son just like that.

Once they had moved out and had their own home, she would no longer have any reason to stick her nose into their business.

If that was the case, Sheryl would be getting exactly what she wanted. No, she was not going to lose that easily, not after all the effort she had put in!

Melissa faked a deep sigh and said, "Charles, you are still young. There is still so much that you don't know. No mother would ever be willing to let their children get hurt, and naturally would never want to be far from their children. I have already made a huge mistake by leaving you for fifteen years. So..."

"You don't want us to leave, do you?" Cha

ou want to ask?" Melissa asked with a warm smile.

"Mom, I know you've disliked Sher right from the start. Despite all her efforts to win your heart, you still dislike her, right?" Charles finally managed to ask. "But I just don't get it. Why? Why do you dislike her so much?"

"Is it really that obvious?" Melissa was surprised. She looked into his eyes and knew that she couldn't dodge this anymore. If she avoided the issue, her son would seriously consider moving out.

Even if she managed to divert the issue this time, she wouldn't be able to avoid it a second time.

"Yes, it is. Both Sher and I can see it clearly," Charles nodded.

"So that's why Sher is so hostile to me. She knows that I don't like her," Melissa said in realization. But even though she admitted that she did not like Sheryl, she was not planning to tell Charles the real reason.

She quickly came up with a lie that would seem convincing enough for Charles to believe.

"Mom, I want to know the answer," Charles insisted. Sheryl had never given her a hard time, and he knew it. Despite Melissa's treatment towards her, she was still very respectful towards her mother-in-law. However, he kept quiet and didn't dispute Melissa's statement. He just wanted to know why his mother hated Sheryl so much.

"Very well, since you insist," Melissa sighed. "Your father and I were deeply in love, and the whole city knew it. We were one of the ideal couples, and everyone looked up to us. What they didn't know was that your father cheated on me."

"Dad had an affair?" Charles gaped at his mother in disbelief.

"Yes, he did. And Sheryl looks a lot like that person. In fact the first time I saw her, I even thought it was the same person!" Melissa lied calmly.

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