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   Chapter 1103 The Truth

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 11033

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As much as Sheryl and Shirley wanted to eat out, they failed to persuade Clark. To compromise, Clark agreed to Sheryl's suggestion of taking the pizza home.

Shirley also agreed on that idea. It was better to take it home than nothing at all.

Sheryl really enjoyed the company of her children. When she was with them, she forgot all her worries. She even forgot others. It seemed that her world was rotating only around her children. Her focus was only on Clark and Shirley.

Ever since she turned off her phone, she hadn't checked it for calls or messages. She was unaware of the numerous missed calls and messages she received.

While Sheryl was enjoying her time with the kids, Charles, on the other hand, was really anxious by this time. He couldn't contact Sheryl! He tried to contact her for several times, even left her message after message. But, there was no reply!

In his heart, he knew the reason why he couldn't contact Sheryl. He knew the reason why they had a problem. It was all connected with his dear mother. At first, since Melissa came to live with them, he was starting to get annoyed with Sheryl. He couldn't understand a kind and considerate girl becoming very vicious!

But just an hour ago, he suddenly received a video recording from Sheryl. Although it was a sneak shot, the recording was completely clear.

The video showed their bedroom. The voice recorded unmistakably belonged to Melissa. He clearly heard everything she said.

He was a little bit shaken. Even though Sheryl didn't say anything, he could still understand her actions. Who wouldn't be? After all, his mother was no saint.

But what made Charles really feel sad was his guilty for Sheryl. Why did he doubt her? Didn't all the hardships they overcome proof enough of her loyalty and love? Of her character? Wasn't this just another obstacle that they had to win together?

Charles looked at his watch. He knew it was time for Sheryl to pick up the children. But when he drove to the kindergarten, he found no one anymore. So, he rushed home.

His anxiousness reached its peak when he reached home. Sheryl and the kids had not arrived yet.

But, somebody was in a good mood to see him. Melissa walked to his direction and gave him her best smile. "Charles, it's good to see you. I missed you."

Charles did not look at Melissa. He didn't even return her greetings. In short, he didn't like to see her.

"Charles!" Melissa shouted a bit. She didn't like her son's attitude just now. And she wanted to get to the bottom of this. "What happened? Is there anything wrong with you?" she asked.

"Where is Sher?" he asked. He wanted to shout at her, but controlled himself. He suppressed whatever anger he was feeling. After all, Melissa was still his mother. She still deserved to receive even a little respect.

"Sher? I don't know. She hasn't come back since she went out this afternoon," Melissa answered feigning ignorance. Melissa knew very well that Sheryl went out to fetch the kids from school, but she pretended not to know. So what if not telling him what she knew would create a problem. It was her objective anyway to create a wedge between them. She would do everything to achieve what she wanted.

When Charles looked at her, he saw her eyes as sincere as

ds to tell his son.

"Clark, your dad and I are really good. Don't think too much," Sheryl answered Clark, comforting him. Sheryl saw how uneasy it was for Charles. She knew he was thinking on how to explain the situation to Clark. She also saw in Clark's face that he wasn't happy with what was happening either. She felt Clark knew that she was just giving him an explanation which he wanted to hear, not what he should know.

"Dad, did Mom tell the truth?" Clark asked, looking intently at his dad. Obviously to them, Clark didn't believe what Sheryl said. And now, he was looking at Charles seeking for answers.

Seeing the expression on Clark's face, Charles now decided to tell the truth. He knew that Clark was naturally sensitive. They couldn't really fool him with some excuses or lies. "Clark, what you have just said now is right. Your mom and I did really have a misunderstanding. And, we haven't really sat down to talk about it."

Charles continued to explain, "I know I was wrong, and that I have misunderstood her. So I want to apologize to her and ask for her forgiveness. Clark, do you think your mom will forgive me?"

"That's right, Dad. You should face the problem. If you want Mom to forgive you, ask her personally!" Clark replied. Then, Clark smiled. He knew that once his dad apologized to his mom, he would be forgiven. He knew how much they loved each other.

And they would still be a happy family!

His fear of having a broken family would not happen to them.

"Now, your mom and I are going to our room to talk about this. Will you be okay with that?" Charles was very lucky to have such an understanding son.

"I like that. But I think you should first ask Mom if she would agree with you."

"Of course." Turning to his wife, Charles asked, "Sher, are you willing to go up and talk?" Charles looked Sheryl in the eye. He took her hands in his, hoping that she would agree.

Sheryl just looked at him, without speaking. Actually, she did not want to explain anything at all. Things already happened anyway. And more importantly, Charles already knew the truth.

So, was there still something to talk about? She believed there was nothing more.

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