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   Chapter 1102 Don't Dodge The Problem

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Gary grilled Sheryl but not up to the point of breaking her. Calmly, Sheryl said, "I swear, I never lied to you. You should know it because I lived with you. But if you really think I have a hand on what happened, it's a proof that you really didn't know me at all. And, I can never change what you think. I think now, more than ever, that I can't force you or Charles to believe in me."

Gary saw Sheryl already exhausted. "I see. As you said so, I think I already know the answer. Go upstairs now and take a rest. I know you didn't sleep well last night," Gary commanded softly. She had a point. Gary already knew who was lying.

Despite knowing it, he had no intention of getting involved in this matter.

'Only when they have gone through these things themselves can they learn something and know how to live their lives. If I always give them good advice on everything, perhaps they might have fewer problems, but I don't think it does them any good. If they never suffer pain or loss, how would they learn to cherish things or people? Or how would they know how lucky they are to have each other?' he mulled.

He thought it would be for the best.

"Well, Grandpa, I'll go ahead and take a rest!" Gary just nodded, and Sheryl gave him a little nod as well. Then, she headed upstairs.

Gary remained where he was as he watched Sheryl disappear. Then, he went his way.

Going straight to the bedroom, she dropped her handbag on the sofa and threw herself onto the bed. The moment her head touched the pillow, she drifted into a deep slumber. She was very exhausted these past few days, both physically and mentally. When Melissa arrived at Dream Garden, she was still sound asleep.

"Bring these to my room, Nancy," Melissa ordered as soon as she entered the house. She liked to think and act as if she was the hostess of the house.

"Yes, Mrs. Lu. What else can I do for you?" Nancy replied obediently. Nancy remained standing where the bags were and waited for more instructions.

"That's all. Leave me now!" Melissa answered indifferently. After dismissing her, Nancy headed upstairs with the bags.

When the maid was heading upstairs, Melissa seated herself on the sofa. Though Melissa was allowed to be discharged from the hospital, she was still weak for she had lost lots of blood.

She committed suicide by slitting her wrist. But she didn't regret that decision! 'It doesn't matter as long as I can save my son's lifetime happiness,' she thought. She still firmly believe that Charles wouldn't be happy with Sheryl and her method of achieving her goal was morally right.

As she snapped back to reality, she stood up and headed to her room. She decided to take a rest. As she walked past Charles' bedroom, she saw the door shut. "Charles is supposed to be at his office now. Why is his room closed?" she murmured, frowning.

She walked back and stopped right in front of Charles' room. Out of curiosity, she pushed the door open.

The sight surprised her. Then she got angry. The sight that Sheryl

Nancy cooks for us every day. But I want to eat something different. I want to eat pizza. Come on, Clark. Let's have pizza, okay?" Shirley pleaded. Shirley gave Clark a pitiful look.

"Clark, just say yes. After we have pizza, we will go home immediately. Does this work for you?" Sheryl negotiated as she read Clark's mind. That was why she proposed to go home as soon as they finished dinner.

"Mom, tell me the truth, what's going on with you and Dad? Dad will be on his way from work soon. Why don't you just take us home?" Clark asked bluntly. He felt something was amiss between his parents.

"You are still too young to understand. And it's not right to know matters that concern the adults. Don't worry. Your dad and I are good!" Sher tried to explain without hinting anything at Clark. She knew that Clark was perceptive for his age. She didn't want him to burden himself with anything that concerned them, the adults. Clark was still too young for that.

"If that's the case, why do you want to take us out to dinner?" Clark asked again. He didn't believe her mother's vague explanation.

"Because it's been a while since the last time we ate out. And, I also crave pizza."

Clark suddenly remembered one of his lessons. "Mom, my teacher said kids who avoid problems are not brave!" Then, he continued, "So you are not a brave person, Mom!" He pouted as he tried to lecture his mom with what he learned in school.

"Of course I am brave! And hey, I am not a kid anymore," countered Sheryl. She was surprised with Clark's mini lecture.

"Now that you're a brave person, you should face the problem instead of running away from it!" Clark said, as he continued looking at his mother. This was one proof of Clark's intelligence and fast understanding of his surroundings.

"I never run away from my problems," Sheryl retorted. She couldn't help rolling her eyes as if she was charged of something she didn't do.

"Prove yourself, Mom. Let's go home!" Clark insisted. Sheryl admired his persistence.

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