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   Chapter 1101 Gary's Persuasion

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"That's very impressive, Sher!" Isla praised her with a look of admiration. 'The case for Tarsan Corporation isn't an easy job, but she can fix it on her own in such a short time. She really is something.' Such thoughts of admiration filled her head.

"Since they showed their sincerity, we should also give them our efficient work in return," Sheryl responded. "Just give me some more time. When I can get all the work done, you can go inform Tarsan Corporation."

In a good mood, Isla replied in a cheerful voice, "Got it!" 'Once she finishes this first draft, the rest of the work can be accomplished easily. As long as the party's over, we'll be well paid, ' she mused.

"How about you take a few days off and have a good rest at home after the case?" Isla suggested earnestly that her friend should take a break.

"Are you advising me to focus on my fight with Charles' mother?" With a weak smile, Sheryl countered Isla's suggestion, avoiding giving her a proper reply.

"No, I'm hoping you can prove your innocence soon." With seriousness written all over her face, Isla quickly explained.

"I know. Don't worry, Isla. I know what to do." Decisively and a little defensively, Sheryl fixed her gaze on Isla.

"I'm glad to hear that. Now that you said so, I won't mention it again," Isla nodded. "Well, I'll leave you alone so you can focus on your work. See you later!"

"Isla!" Sheryl called out. "Thank you!"

When she spoke, her voice carried much sincerity. Truly, she owed much care and support to her friend.

"Come on, Sher. We're good friends. Why are you being so formal?" said Isla with a warm smile. "I'll be happy as long as you do take care of yourself."

It was past ten in the morning when Sheryl finally worked out the whole scheme. As she went through the entire plan, she nodded her head with satisfaction.

All the papers in her hand, she headed to Isla's office. "I finished it, Isla!" exclaimed Sheryl with excitement, standing in front

mething I want to see," he sighed. He simply wanted her to know why he asked to talk with her.

"Grandpa…I didn't…" She tried to defend herself. When she heard that Gary didn't blame her, she had to admit that she was very grateful.

Meanwhile, she didn't know how to address his confusion. Apart from an oral explanation, she couldn't find any strong evidence to prove that she was innocent.

"Sher, I know that you're a good girl. But Melissa used to be a good mother. When she left home, Charles was already a teenager, so he remembers many things about his mother. Although they hadn't seen each other for fifteen years, they share the same blood.

I don't know if Charles made another mistake on this matter. I hope you can forgive him and give him another chance for the sake of your history and his love for you.

Of course, this is only my own opinion. I don't know whether my guess is right or not. If it is, I will apologize to you on behalf of Charles and his mother. You suffered a lot because of them. But if my guess is wrong, I think an apology can almost settle the problem."

His tone was earnest and sincere, putting Sheryl at ease in spite of the situation.

After hearing his thoughts, Sheryl knew that he had the same doubt as Charles did, but however, he tried to comfort her indirectly.

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