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   Chapter 1100 Overnight Strolling

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The noise roared in the night as the car drove away without a trace, leaving Sheryl frozen and at a loss for what to do.

Never would she have thought that Charles would leave her alone there like he just did.

"Charles, you bastard!" Distraught, she shouted at nothing as Charles already disappeared a while ago.

There was no chance of him even hearing her voice. As he drove away and thought about Sheryl's words, he went into a fit of rage.

Thinking back, he realized that every time they quarreled and he tried to make up for it, there was still difference between them.

Since he couldn't figure it out, he just tried to let it go. Anyway, since Sheryl could take a taxi to find Isla, she could afford to take a taxi home.

Dawn had already come when Sheryl arrived at Dream Garden. Charles had been waiting for her since he returned home, but failed to see her even though he stayed up all night.

The anxiety started creeping up his spine, and he was about to forget his pride and get up to look for Sheryl when she finally showed up. "Where have you been?

Why are you back so late? I was about to go look for you!" Charles complained in quick succession as she entered the house.

It turned out that Sheryl walked back home the whole night by herself. It wasn't because she couldn't find a taxi, but because she was too tired to say a word or face anyone. Instead, she walked like a zombie at midnight on the street.

Checking the time, she realized that it was time for Shirley and Clark to get up. A fresh day had begun, and she was going to send the kids to kindergarten.

Instead of going to her room, Sheryl headed for the bathroom to freshen up as quickly as possible so she could see the kids off.

However, she came out of the room only to find that Charles had been busy with routines that were normally part of her own job.

"Daddy, when did Mommy come back yesterday?" As soon as Clark got out of his room, he asked how his mother was doing.

"Don't worry. Daddy went out to look for Mommy last night. I found her quickly and came back with her!" Using a sincere voice, he wanted Clark to believe him. After all, Clark was rather sensitive despite his you

ch work as she could.

"Sher? Why are you here? Didn't you go back home with Charles?" Isla asked. Having thought she already went to work pretty early, Isla didn't expect to see that Sheryl arrived even earlier than her.

"I just arrived early in the morning," responded Sheryl calmly. She had no intention of telling Isla about what happened the previous night. After all, if Isla knew what Charles did to Sheryl, she would definitely go and teach him a lesson.

"How come you came so early? Didn't you get to sleep well last night? Why didn't you take a break at home?" Seeing Sheryl totally devoted to her work, Isla felt concerned for her.

"I'm fine. I couldn't fall asleep, so I thought I might as well come here since I had nothing to do at home. I wanted to work on Tarsan Corporation's case in the company." With a few words, Sheryl paltered this.

"Did you two have another fight when you got home last night?" Isla inquired. Given Sheryl's state last night, Isla couldn't help but feel concerned.

"No, we were just tired and went to sleep soon after," Sheryl smiled and assured her friend. For some reason, she couldn't bring herself to tell Isla the truth.

As she heard Sheryl's explanation, Isla felt reassured enough. "How's the case for Tarsan Corporation?" she asked instead of pushing the topic further.

"I'm almost done. Give me another two hours, and I can finish it." Taking a long, deep breath, Sheryl stretched her back.

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