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   Chapter 1098 An Idea To Solve The Misunderstanding

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If he could just calm down and think logically, he would have realized what kind of person Sheryl truly was. After all they had been through together for so many years, he should already know that Sheryl was not that kind of person who would be mean to others. She wouldn't hate someone enough to satire them like this.

But Charles wasn't thinking. He had blindly believed what he had witnessed.

The lies on the surface clouded his vision.

"Sher, listen to me. I know that you feel wronged about this whole thing right now. But you have to clearly explain everything to Charles. If you don't make an effort to open up to him, the misunderstanding between you will only grow deeper. And this will threaten your relationship." Aron tried his best to persuade Sheryl.

He didn't expect that she would be so angry that she would even grab the phone from him and hang up.

The phone rang again.

"Aron, I know that you want to answer his call for my sake. But I truly don't want to hear his voice. Could you just leave me alone and let me calm down for one night? You can contact him tomorrow. I really don't want to hear his voice right now, let alone talk to him," Sheryl said in a saddened tone.

"Okay, I know what to do. Sher, if you trust me, could you hand the phone over to me?" Isla asked, as she stretched her hand towards the phone.

Aron could remain calm because he was a man. But Isla was a woman and could easily put herself in Sheryl's shoes. She could figure out whether this was Charles' fault or not, and Charles should know that not every woman would choose to come back home so easily after such a thing had happened.

Sheryl looked into Isla's sincere eyes and handed the phone to her slowly.

"This is Isla," she answered the call.

"Isla, is Sher at your place?" Charles asked in a concerned voice.

"Sher? It's almost midnight. Why would Sher be at my place?" Isla pretended to be slightly surprised. "Aron and I were woken up by your phone call. So, how could Sher be with us?"

"I'm sorry for distur

eparate two people who loved each other so deeply, she needs to make extra efforts to achieve her goal. So, she has put up one face in front of Charles and another behind his back!

She pretended to be ill and said that she needed to be accompanied at all times in order to separate you. Then she tried to suicide by shearing her wrist. She did all that to make her son believe her completely. And finally, she realized her goal of kicking Sher out.

Now, let's think why Charles chose to believe his mom, not you. Melissa cut herself to show how serious she was, and in doing so, she got his trust. He saw his mother nearly lose her life in front of him. No one would believe it was a trap," Aron added.

"I understand what you're saying. But so what?" Isla asked, turning impatient.

"So, to rein in Charles to our side, we have to make him see the truth. We should expose Melissa's true color," Aron said in a confident tone.

"But how can we make Charles see it?" Isla felt it was a difficult task. Why would Melissa show her true colors in front of Charles?

"It is quite easy. But to achieve this goal, Sher would have to go through some more trouble for a while," said Aron, with a sad smile.

"What do you mean?" Isla still didn't understand.

"You want me to stealthily record her words?" Sheryl asked him, instantly uncovering Aron's plan.

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