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   Chapter 1096 A Dispute At Midnight

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Having bled quite a lot from cutting her wrist, Melissa was advised to stay in the hospital under observation for several more days.

As it was arranged that Nancy would stay and take care of her, Charles and Sheryl were able to head back to Dream Garden.

"Sheryl, I think we need to have a talk." Charles said as soon as they entered the room.

It was notable that he called her Sheryl, not Sher.

His words were in a tone he had never used with her before—cold and distant.

"What do you want to talk about?"

Knowing that Melissa must have said something to poison Charles against her, she dreaded the conversation.

"Sheryl, I'm not stupid. I know that my mom treated you badly at first, but she is your elder. You don't need to hold such a grudge against her because of her mere words."

As he said it, he looked right into Sheryl's eyes.

When he planned what he was going to say to her, he was expecting Sheryl to sincerely apologize to him and his mother. If she could do that, he would overlook her mistakes and continue to stay with her.

However, he never would have imagined Sheryl's expression to twist into one of contempt as she said, "So, you believe your mother?"

"Sheryl, I'd like to believe you and stay on your side…and I've done so these days. But what did I get for my trust? My mom was within an inch of her life."

There was resentment in Charles' voice as he said it.

Not knowing what to do, he felt bleak.

"Now that you've spoken to her…how do I tell you that your mother's actions were no fault of mine? You wouldn't believe what I say, would you?"

At that point, Sheryl abandoned all hope.

In order to drive Sheryl out of Dream Garden, Melissa was indeed working hard.

But Sheryl still couldn't understand why Melissa was always targetting her.

"Well, why didn't you care about my mother's self-esteem when you treated her with your head held high? How could you not care about her grief?"

Sheryl's tough

find Sheryl. But he didn't want to eat his words and hurt his reputation. After all, he believed that the whole issue was because of Sheryl's mistakes. However, as he thought it over, if he couldn't find her…

As a woman, she would really be in danger. Clark gave him good enough reasons to go out and find her.

At that moment, he had no time to distinguish between right and wrong.

As soon as Sheryl stepped out of Dream Garden, she took a taxi and gave the driver Isla's address.

Sheryl's tears couldn't stop flowing. When she called Isla, the latter was sleeping.

"Sher…do you know what time it is? Why are you calling me now?" Not able to say anything, Sheryl just kept sobbing.

"Sher? What happened to you, Sher?"

Isla's sleepiness disappeared and she became alert.


I'm on my way to your place…Can you open the door for me?" As she said it, Sheryl was practically whimpering and had trouble completing the sentence.

"Of course. How are you getting here? Where are you now? I can pick you up."

Worried for her friend, she wanted to know where Sher was.

"I'm in a taxi right now on my way there," she answered. "If Charles calls you…you can tell him I haven't contacted you and you have no idea where I am."

"Fine, but you have to get here quickly first," replied Isla.

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