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   Chapter 1095 A Totally Unexpected Scene

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Having heard a sound outside, Sheryl stepped outside the room to face a totally unexpected scene before her. "What? Charles, what are you saying? Did Mom…did Mom commit suicide?"

"Yes! Mom committed suicide! Sheryl, what happened?" Though he didn't want to be angry with Sheryl, seeing his weak mother in his arms, he couldn't restrain his emotions.

Melissa's suicide must have something to do with Sheryl!

In such a relationship, he also knew that maybe it was Melissa's fault, but, as someone younger, couldn't Sheryl just bear with Mom? What was more, he even just told Sheryl to give him only a few more days to solve the whole thing.

It wasn't long since he hung up the phone. How did things turn out like this?

"How would I know what happened? After returning home, I went straight to my room and fell asleep!"

To Sheryl, it was like the crime truly came out of nowhere. In order not to embarrass Charles too much, she intentionally avoided Melissa as much as she could. Sheryl thought, 'The one who always had the whip hand was her. Why on earth would she try to kill herself?

Just to drive me out of Dream Garden? But that's too high a price!'

"Charles, I've called the hospital. It will be a while before they arrive here. What should we do?" Seeing them beginning to argue, Nancy interrupted them immediately.

"What happened, Charles?"

Having heard the commotion, Gary stepped out of his room as well.

When Sheryl arrived that night, Gary heard that she and Melissa were arguing, but he couldn't hear their words clearly enough. As an elder, he originally wanted to step out and stop them, but when he arrived at the door, he remembered that Sheryl was Melissa's daughter-in-law. Though maybe he could stop them at that moment, he couldn't control them forever.

With that in mind, he decided to return to his own room and just let it be. After all, every family had its skeletons in the closet. As time went on, after all, family members would eventually become accustomed to each other's temperament, and little contradictions would be gradually solved.

The same was true

Maybe it's because of that first interaction that Sher began to hate me. I was willing to endure her at first. After all, she's your wife, and it was my fault at the beginning. But my tolerance was repaid only by her humiliating me."

There was no doubt that Melissa's ability to confound black with white was superb.

And it easily worked on Charles as he began believing Melissa's story.

"Mom, you don't need to worry about anything now. You just stay here and rest for a few days. Sher's issues…I'll handle it. Don't worry. I'll explain it all before you get discharged from the hospital," Charles swore to Melissa.

"Charles, just forget it. I don't want you to be embarrassed because of me. After all, she's your wife…" When Melissa said this, she made sure to look at Charles' face with serious eyes, as she wanted to ensure that Charles completely believed her.

"Don't worry, I can handle that," he smiled and comforted his mother. "I know that Sher was out of line. You can rest assured that this time, I'll stay by your side. I must make her apologize for having wronged you."

"But if you do, won't Sher be angry with you? You might get into a big fight. Charles, I'm already old. In fact, I don't even really care about it. Now that I think about it, I just hope that you can live a happy life. I hope we can get along well!"

Without speaking, Charles simply maintained his smile.

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