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   Chapter 1093 It Was Her Ace In The Hole

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Melissa had spent her last fifteen years locked up in a cell.

It had only been a few days since she got released, and she was still getting used to the life of a free man. Because of this, everyone was expected to be extra patient and understanding when dealing with her.

This was Melissa's ace in the hole, which was also the base for her to act completely without scruple.

"Alright, I know it. Say no more. I'll just do as you say. It's not like I have an opinion," Sheryl interrupted Charles. He had said enough, and she didn't want to listen to those words anymore.

"Sher, I'm sorry, but believe me, I will bring our life back to normal soon. When Mom has gotten used to living in this house and her new life, I will have a good talk with her. I won't allow her to break us apart. I just need some time. Sher, will you give me some time?" Charles asked her with deep affection.

Sheryl felt Charles' bewilderment in his words. She understood that he was right now in a pickle. Since Melissa was his mother, he could not defy her. Therefore, she had to compromise as well. She nodded faintly with a forced smile.

"Okay then, let's go and have supper now." Charles felt relieved when he finally saw Sheryl smile. He walked up to hold Sheryl's hand, so they could come and dine together.

But Sheryl didn't move from her seat. She just shook her head and said, "Charles, I am really not hungry, so I think I'll pass. You may go ahead and eat with your mother. I am going to take a bath now, so I can go to bed afterwards. I am so tired." Sheryl had already accepted the fact that she had to share the same bed with her mother-in-law every night. So she decided that she would rather sleep before Melissa returned to her bedroom.

She thought that she should limit interactions with Melissa to avoid conflicts. She didn't want to face her when they were alone in the room, and she was also afraid that Melissa would end up telling her annoying things when she was awake.

"Are you sure that you're not hungry?" Charles asked with concern, his eyebrows furrowed. "Yes, I'm really not hungry. I think your mom would be happier if I wouldn't join you during supper.

I am tired and drowsy anyway. I rather go to bed early. So why don't you go now? She must already be waiting for you," Sheryl answered as she stretched her arms and yawned.

Charles didn't insist when he saw that Sheryl was indeed tired. "Okay, but if you feel hungry at midnight, you can send me a text message," he said softly. And to show his loving care, he added, "I will get up and cook for you, dear."

"I get it," replied Sheryl with a knowing smile. At this moment, she seemed to feel the warmth that existed only between her and Charles, the warmth to be remembered and savored, the warmth that was fading after Melissa came to Dream Garden to live with them.

"Well, alright then, you go and take a bath, and have a good rest. I'll go to have supper now. If you need anything anytime, just tell me," Charles reminded her lovingly. He went downstairs afterwards.

"Why isn't Sher with y

another place, and she's still not quite accustomed to living with us, so she may act a little differently. She just needs some time to adjust herself,"

Sheryl tried to explain and kept the truth from her son. He was only three years old. It would be too stressful for a boy to know the real score.

Clark raised his head to look at his mother and said, "Mom, you don't have to hide it from me. I know it. I just want to tell you that no matter what happens and when it happens, I will always be your son. I will always stay by your side."

Those words were not something a three-year-old child would say. Clark was such a sweet boy that he touched his mother's heart.

It was the second time this morning that Sheryl felt the warmth of someone caring for her. She had more confidence in the future, with her children by her side. "Okay, my good boy. Mom knows it."

"Mom, sometimes when I hear you and Grandma talking, you look unhappy. I don't know what you are talking about, but you can be sure that I stand by your side too," Shirley said. She looked up at her mother with her innocent eyes sparkling.

"Good. Mommy is so lucky to have two good angels always by my side," Sheryl couldn't help it. Her tears started to roll from her eyes. Sheryl was deeply touched by her children's words. They loved their mother so much. Sheryl was grateful that she had two lovely children to support her. At that moment, she was determined to defend her love and her family regardless of what was coming to her. She would live happily with Charles and their children.

"Mom, we're almost there. I will go in with Shirley so you may go to work."

Clark pointed to the gate of the kindergarten.

"Okay. Mom will stay here and watch as you both go in. Once you're both inside, Mom will leave for work," Sheryl responded and then she gently smiled to Clark.

"Shirley, let me hold your hand. Let's go."

Clark dealt with it like a small adult. He stretched out his little hand and took Shirley's, and they strode towards the gate while swaying their hands.

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