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   Chapter 1091 Continue To Cooperate With Tarsan Corporation

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 10101

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"Well if you say so, we will wait for your answer. Please think about our offer. I will call you tomorrow," Irene replied with a low-spirited smile. "Well, if there isn't anything else, I have to go. Bye!"

"Bye!" Sheryl replied before ending the call.

"What's wrong with you, Sher? It is a good opportunity. Why didn't you just say yes?" Isla whined. Isla could not agree with Sheryl's decision to turn down such a brilliant opportunity. In fact, she did not expect Sheryl to turn it down in the first place.

"Yes, you are right, Isla. It is indeed a very good chance for Cloud Advertising Company. But it happened all of a sudden. I am not ready for this at the moment," Sheryl replied with a little frown. Sheryl assessed the whole thing in her mind. The time was not apt to grab any and every opportunity that came in the way. She had just received a threatening call from Duncan, and immediately after that, the assistant for the CEO of Tarsan Corporation called up. It seemed like everything made sense. But she still felt that something was wrong.

But she could not identify exactly what was wrong.

Hence, Sheryl decided to take each and every step with caution.

"Is it because we received this opportunity all of a sudden that you are feeling so uneasy?" Isla asked, staring at the wistful Sheryl.

"I don't know. I need a day to think about this," Sheryl shook her head and replied without looking at Isla.

Isla took note of the fact that Sheryl was a little out of sorts. Observing that she wore a troubled look, Isla didn't want to push her any further. Yet after some hesitation, she blurted out her opinion. "Think over it, Sher. But I think Tarsan Corporation really wants to work with us. Besides, it is a big company. We have nothing to worry about."

Although Sheryl didn't respond, she agreed with what Isla said. In fact, Isla's confidence in Tarsan Corporation and her assuring words helped her assess the positive aspects of the deal if she accepted it. 'Isla has a point. Tarsan Corporation is not a small company. Maybe I am just thinking too much? I don't think they will have the time to waste in fooling me.

Perhaps I have become too paranoid after what happened at home,' she mused.

As she went on assessing all the pros and cons, the stern frown on her face gave away to a much more focused look. She picked up her phone and dialed Irene's number. As Sheryl informed Irene about her willingness to continue their cooperation with the Tarsan Corporation, Irene got really excited. She rushed to the CEO's room as soon as Sheryl ended the call.

"Ms. Bai, she agreed," Irene reported.

Rachel looked up from her laptop. Sheryl's denial had made her upset. As Irene disclosed the news of Sheryl's decision, her scowling face was replaced by a smile. She let out a sigh of relief and said, "I see."

When Charles reached Dream Garden, Sheryl was on her way home. As he entered the hall, the lights were dim at their living room. It was evident that Sheryl

oken to her in that tone. Her brows creased as she stared back at her phone screen after Charles had disconnected. Such an abrupt way of ending the call hurled a blow right on her chest. Was it really Charles on the other side? She could not believe that Charles could do this to her. Then suddenly she had an intuition that it had something to do with Melissa.

'Melissa must have said something to Charles. Otherwise, he wouldn't have asked me where I am,' she thought. Slowly the frown disappeared from her face. She reasoned it out in her mind and came to the conclusion that it must have been Melissa.

She was trapped in her drifted thoughts on her way home. As she entered the house, she saw Melissa seated in the lounge watching TV with Charles. The old lady laughed as innocently as a child did, and she rested her head on Charles' shoulder occasionally.

Charles offered his wide shoulder to his mother willingly. As Sheryl could only watch the back of the mother and son, she found it to be a warm and candid moment. A smile played on her lips and disappeared in a jiffy. She felt a sting in her heart. She felt that she was the only outsider in Dream Garden. She stood still with her eyes fixed on Charles and Melissa. A shadow of sadness fell on her face.

"You're back, Sher," Nancy greeted as she came towards Sheryl, who was standing at the door.

Sheryl nodded at her and returned, "Oh, yeah, I am back."

Hearing Nancy greeting Sheryl made Charles and Melissa aware of Sheryl's arrival. Charles had an instant urge to get up from the couch, but his mother's head was still rested on his shoulder. Melissa's eyes were glued on the screen as she laughed loudly.

"Sher," Charles called out to her while being seated on the couch.

"What's the matter?" Sheryl asked, her heart beating faster than normal. She had a vibe that something bad was going to happen. Even though she had no idea what Melissa had said to Charles, she had a very clear idea about what she was trying to do.

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