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   Chapter 1090 We Are Not Sincere

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 8512

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Sheryl wanted to call Charles to tell him everything and hoped he could persuade Melissa. After all, if there was anyone who knew her personality best, that would be Charles.

She started to key in his phone number, but before she could even press the call button, she decided to clear them all again. Whatever she had to tell him would be better explained face to face. Things couldn't be changed no matter how anxious she was. She decided to wait until Charles came back, so she could tell him everything clearly.

Just as she was in deep thought, her mobile phone started ringing. It's Duncan again.

In spite of the extreme disgust she was feeling towards Duncan, she couldn't deny that his nonstop calls were the reason why Melissa ended up spilling her beans. Thinking of this, Sheryl picked up the call.

However, Sheryl didn't know that Duncan ended up being severely criticized by Rachel when she talked with Melissa. What was worse, Duncan ended up losing his job after Rachel fired her.

Duncan had worked in Tarsan Corporation for more than twenty years, and he was even assigned to a branch abroad where he had served the company for many years. Although he had not performed meritorious deeds, he believed that he had always done hard work for Tarsan Corporation. And now that the company had finally transferred to Y City, he could also be closer to his hometown. But to his surprise, Rachel fired him.

And it was all because of Sheryl!

So, Duncan's last phone call was not to put her mind at peace. This call was to get his revenge.

As soon as Sheryl picked up the phone, a voice of resentment came to her ear. "Sheryl, okay, you may have won by now. But wait and see. I will make sure that you will pay for what you have done!"

Sheryl was really confused. It was Duncan who threatened Cloud Advertising Company. He also arranged for someone to initially do the same. Why did he come to her now? "Mr. Qiu, don't you have anything else to do? Did you really bother to call just to insult me?" Sheryl yelled.

"Sheryl, don't pretend to be innocent. I know you must have come to find my boss to complain about me. I've worked in Tarsan Corporation for more than twenty years, but now she fired me just because of you! Sheryl, remember, since you don't want me live blissfully, I'll make sure you will also be miserable!"

"What? You've been fired?"

This news was indeed somewhat out of Sheryl's expectation. After all, she didn't know who the boss of Tarsan Corporation was. And she also never mentioned this to

Cloud Advertising Company is somewhat well-known, it's not unique. I can't figure out why your CEO wants to partner with us?" Sheryl really can't understand why Tarsan Corporation wanted to work together with Cloud Advertising Company. They even fired Duncan just to resolve their conflicts.

"Ms. Xia, I can definitely answer that for you. The fact is, our CEO knows that your planning is one of the best in this field which is why we would like to work with you. Our CEO hopes that you will agree to planning this wine party for us. So Ms. Xia, are you willing to continue with our partnership?" Irene explained.

Hearing Sheryl's query, Isla couldn't help but send her a signal. She thought, 'Sheryl is really stupid! If Tarsan Corporation wants to work together with us, just agree with that. We need not know the reason why they have to partner with us.

If we continue to work with them, our previous efforts will not be in vain, and our company could also get large profit. If it's mostly to our advantage, it's not even worth asking them why.'

Sheryl pretended that she did not see Isla's indication. She decided not to answer Irene's question, but instead she said, "Irene, please tell your CEO that I will need time to consider your offer."

"Ms. Xia, is there anything you're not satisfied with? Why do you need time to think it over?" Apparently, Irene didn't expect that Sheryl would give her such an answer. She was expecting she would accept it immediately.

"I'm not dissatisfied. I just want time to further study your proposal. If you are not okay with it, you could tell your CEO that Cloud Advertising Company is not sincere." Sheryl's tone remained unusually calm.

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