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   Chapter 1089 Melissa's Lie

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"Mom, please listen to me. Those were business calls. The guy who called is a client," Sheryl explained. She was upset about Melissa's accusation. The only thing she could do was explain everything to Charles' mother.

Sheryl thought to herself, 'If I don't make everything clear as early as possible, this might make the condition worse. Moreover, she might hold a grudge against me, and hate me more than she already does.'

"That's enough!" Melissa snapped. "I don't care whether that man is a client or someone else. I just need you to remember one thing: you are married to Charles, the CEO of Shining Company. Everybody's eyes are on you!" Melissa quietly studied the woman in front of her. 'What is so good about Sheryl? And why is my son so enchanted by her? I don't get it,' she thought.

'My son is wasting all his good years being naive, credulous.'

Sheryl had her hands clasped, almost as if in prayer. "Please. I'm trying to make everything clear to you. I never hooked up with other men. And I don't plan to! Charles knows all my male friends. Charles and I share everything with each other. We...." She was desperate to defend herself. As a woman and as a daughter-in-law, she simply could not stand the way Melissa thought of her.

But Melissa did not give her the chance to finish. Instead, feeling impatient, she raised her voice at Sheryl. "Stop! Why are you so determined to keep this up? You had to rub it in my face that you're the person Charles cares about the most? More than once! Come on, Sheryl. I can see you're doing this on purpose. You're not fooling anyone with your little schemes," Melissa bellowed as she wagged a disapproving finger. "Do you think you are the hostess of Dream Garden, the woman everyone loves and whose orders everyone should obey? Do you think everyone just agrees with whatever you say?" Sheryl's face was frozen with horror, her mouth agape in disbelief. Melissa took the opportunity to continue berating her. "I admit you really are something. After all, you were able to trick my Charles. But don't get too cocky and think that you can charm other people as easily as you charmed him. Your tricks might have worked on him, but you will never deceive me!" Melissa's face was distorted in anger. Silence swallowed the two of them.

She wanted to warn Sheryl and remind her that not all the Lu family members were idiots at her mercy.

Melissa was an arrogant, stubborn person. She believed she knew the entire truth, and that Charles' wife was, in fact, an evil, devious woman. But she had no idea that she had been fooled from the start.

Sheryl, despite her disbelief, found her voice once mor

ondered. Her breathing became labored.

"I thought you heard me," Melissa snorted. "Do you want me to say it again?" She went on, like a devil on someone's shoulder, "I already made myself clear to you. I don't want you to stay by my son's side. I will let Charles know what you really are. Making you sleep in different rooms is just a start."

"This is all a surprise to me." Sheryl spoke. "I served you wholeheartedly in the hopes you would change your mind. But you thought I did all of this to please Charles... And worse, you even feigned having nightmares to split Charles and me up." She let out a desperate laugh. She thought she was losing her grasp on reality. She could not believe just how far Melissa was willing to go to tear them apart.

"Congratulations! Now that you know, you better think twice about playing tricks on Charles. I'm watching you!" Melissa sternly warned. Sheryl was left with no other choice.

It was time to fight back. She spat out a string of words she never thought she would ever say. "I see. Even without proof, you want to believe I am a horrible person. I will no longer waste my time trying to explain. It's useless, for you aren't going to believe a single thing I say. But know this: if you try to get in the way of my marriage in any way, I'm telling you, you will never succeed," she said with a straight face. With that, Sheryl walked out the door, slammed it, and stormed out of Dream Garden.

She had not intended to get into a fight with Melissa. After all, the latter was an older, respected woman and was her husband's mother. She had to suppress the overwhelming rage she felt and left the house. She could not imagine what could have happened if she stayed in the same room as Charles' mother for another second.

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