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   Chapter 1087 The Goose-like Subordinate

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The doctor's words weighed down Charles' mind like a heavy stone. Melissa, on the other hand, took the doctor's diagnosis differently—she thought that God finally knew who the wicked one really was.

Maybe God also felt unsatisfied about what Sheryl did, so he did her a favor.

After the doctor left, Melissa put on her kind facade once again to reassure Charles. "Charles, you don't need to listen to what the doctor said. I think my condition isn't as serious as he said. It's fine…I just have nightmares sometimes."

"Mom, the doctor must have had good reasons to give that diagnosis. From now on, you don't need to worry about anything. All you need to do is stay in a good mood every day. You can tell me what you want or any inconvenience you feel in our house. Just relax and enjoy your life now. You can only gradually recover when you maintain a good mood," he instructed his mother.

Although Melissa said she was fine, Charles didn't believe it one bit, and was convinced that her condition was caused by her 15-year sentence in prison. After all, he still wanted to try and make things up to his mom.

Though she still wanted to say something, she raised her arm to look at her watch. "Oh my God, Charles, isn't it time for you to go to work? Be quick or you'll be late. I'm truly fine. Don't worry about me."

Glancing at the time, he also realized how late it had gotten. It was a little worrisome as he had promised to see a customer who happened to be the president of Tarsan Corporation which recently moved its core business from abroad to Y City. Even though Tarsan Corporation was matched only by Shining Company, it was unprofessional to be late in their first meeting. But because of Melissa's poor condition, Charles was still hesitant to leave her alone. "Mom, is it okay for you to stay at home alone?"

"Charles, if you're truly busy, just go to work. I don't have too much work today, so I can stay at home and accompany her. Don't worry too much," Sheryl suggested in a soft voice. Originally, Sheryl planned to go to work today, but she changed her mind when she heard the doctor's diagnosis of Melissa. In addition, now that their cooperation with Tarsan Corporation was ended, there were no urgent affairs she needed to solve. It wasn't a problem for her to just stay at home.

"Alright. I really have to go now, Sher, please take care of Mom at

on the spot.

"Yes, Ms. Bai. It's about their boss, Sheryl. A couple of days ago, I saw the first draft of the banquet plan she made. I don't think it fits the position of Tarsan Corporation at all. After all, it's the first party we're going to hold in Y City…"

Realizing that it caught Rachel's attention, Duncan went on to explain the whole story.

When he got through halfway, however, Rachel suddenly got impatient and cut him off. "Get to the point. How does this end?"

"So for the sake of Tarsan Corporation's image, I had to end our cooperation with Cloud Advertising Company without your permission," he quickly answered.

"You did what?"

Hearing Duncan's answer, she fumed with anger. Glaring at him, she scolded, "Who gave you the right to end our cooperation with them?"

At this point, Rachel was extremely furious. Letting Sheryl design their banquet was an intentional move to carry out her plan. Now, her and Holley's efforts meant nothing.

The goose-like subordinate did a great disservice to her goal. How dare he end their cooperation with Sheryl without consulting her? How was she supposed to carry out the plan now?

"Ms. Bai, I don't understand. There are so many other advertisement companies in Y City, those which are more famous than Cloud Advertising Company. That Sheryl…" He didn't seem to understand how angry Rachel was and continued to try and persuade her.

"Shut up! I'll give you three days. After that's over, I must see Sheryl's banquet plan. If I don't see her plan on my desk in three days, you'd better fuck off from my company!"

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