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   Chapter 1086 Melissa Is Sick

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Updated: 2019-06-02 11:03

Melissa neglected Sheryl. Turning to the other side, she tucked herself in and went back to sleep. Since Sheryl was on the other side of the bed, she couldn't see the triumphant smile on the old lady's lips as she closed her eyes.

This was just the beginning. Melissa had already made plans to make the couple sleep in different rooms from this very night.

Noticing that Melissa went to sleep, Sheryl didn't say anything more. She lay down on the bed quietly and tried to sleep.

Melissa didn't have any nightmares that night. Charles got up early and freshened up. Worried about Melissa's condition, he hurried out of the room in an attempt to check on her. No sooner had he reached her room than he saw his wife open the door slowly.

"Why are you awake so early? How did you sleep?" Charles whispered to her as he glanced inside the room. Noticing that Melissa was still asleep with a serene look on her face, he closed the door gently and pulled Sheryl to their room on tiptoes.

"Not bad. It was a bit odd since I've never slept with her before." Sheryl blurted out her true feelings. But she decided to not complain to him about Melissa's indifferent attitude towards her.

"I know. I've called the doctor. He will be here soon. Once she gets better, you don't have to keep her company every night," Charles comforted her.

Sheryl smiled at him silently. She was lucky to have a caring husband like him. Even though Melissa was hostile to her, she was willing to do anything to please her for Charles' sake.

Moments after Sheryl had left the room, Melissa woke up. She got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. As she walked past her son's room, she saw that the door was slightly open. She halted and peeked though the slit. Charles and Sheryl were whispering to each other intimately. She couldn't overhear their conversation, but the sight of their intimacy got on her nerves.

"Ouch!" she screeched deliberately. Her voice was so loud that Nancy, who was setting the table downstairs, heard it.

With a rattled expression, the maid ran upstairs in a flash. When she reached the top of the stairs, she saw Melissa slouching over, covering her stomach. Worriedly, she asked, "What's the matter, Mrs. Lu?"

Melissa swiftly cast her a threatening stare, and Nancy backed

arles fumed.

'I saw how scared and helpless she looked last night. How could he say that it's nothing serious?' he thought.

"Take it easy, Mr. Lu. From my primary observation, Mrs. Lu isn't sick. Well, she isn't physically sick. If what you said is true and she hasn't been getting proper sleep, then we need to deal with this differently," he explained in a calm tone.

"What do you mean?" Charles asked with knitted brows. He was angry at the doctor's irresponsible comment, but now he was more concerned about his mother's well-being.

"Mrs. Lu seems completely normal. But if she has been having nightmares for years, it means that she has been under a lot of pressure and it has caused some psychological damage in her. If she is suffering from mental impairments, it will be difficult to work out a treatment right now," the doctor analyzed frankly.

Melissa's worries vanished promptly, and a small smile crept onto her thin lips.

On the other hand, Charles' and Sheryl's hearts grew heavy. They let their imagination run wild and pictured Melissa's miserable life in prison. Charles frowned and asked desperately, "What if she does have some mental impairments? Is there any medication?"

"Mr. Lu, with all due respect, there is no solid treatment for this. But luckily, these symptoms have appeared before it's too late. The patient shouldn't be exposed to heavy mental pressure. You should avoid getting on her nerves or displeasing her. If that doesn't work, you'll need to take her to a psychiatrist."

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