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   Chapter 1085 A Night With The Mother-in-law

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 10189

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"Nancy! Nancy! Find the key to this room for me, please," Sheryl anxiously instructed their maid. She was not sure what was happening inside the room, and was so worried about Melissa.

"Okay. Wait a minute." Nancy went down the stairs in a hurry. Sheryl and Charles were left standing in front of Melissa's closed door.

The voice in the room continued to strike their ears. They did not only hear the shrieks, but also heard Melissa's frightful screams continuously breaking into the night's silence. "Go away! Go away! Don't come near me! No! No! Go away! No!"

"Mom, what's happening in there? What's going on with you?" Charles asked loudly, hoping Melissa could hear him. He moved closer to the door, hoping she would hear him. After hearing another set of her loud screams, he could no longer wait for Nancy to get the key. He started to kick on the door with his full strength, hoping to break it through.

After kicking it a few times, the door finally swung open. At that time, the rushing Nancy just reached the top of the stairs with the key in her hand.

"Mom, what happened?" Charles ran towards Melissa. He found her completely covered with her quilt. She seemed to be struggling and experiencing the most horrible dream. She was trying so hard to get away from her nightmare, but she just couldn't wake up.

"Stay away from me! No! Stay away from me!" Melissa was still screaming. She did not wake up yet, but she was so terrified that her voice was shaking.

"Mom, it's me. I am Charles, your son," he said as he tried to wake her up. He stood beside her bed, while Sheryl was a little behind him. Although he couldn't see Melissa's face, he heard the sharp screaming and saw her body moving anxiously under the quilt. Her actions told him that she had a very difficult time in the past fifteen years. Charles couldn't help but feel sorry for his mom.

He felt a stabbing pain from inside. 'Everything that Shining Company is enjoying today will not be possible if not for my mom. She lost those last fifteen years for the sake of the company. If she did not choose to do that...' Charles thought to himself, and he couldn't continue.

"Mom, what's happening to you?" Charles asked again. The pain continued to crush his heart and it grew stronger as he stared at Melissa's depressing state. He badly wanted to hold his mother's hands and comfort her. But whenever he tried to get close to her, she would turn him away and shake more intensely. He was beginning to feel frustrated himself.

"Charles, let me try," Sheryl tapped his back and suggested. She made her way to the side of the bed and looked at the lump created by Melissa's body underneath the quilt. She also couldn't bear to see Melissa acting like this. She never believed in the saying that "life in prison was like life in hell". But now, as she watched how Melissa's life in prison had consumed her and what indelible trauma it had left in her heart, she couldn't agree more. She could only hope and pray that no other person in their family would g

pany Mom tonight in her room. I'll take care of her. We can call the doctor and ask him to come tomorrow morning. What do you think?" Sheryl proposed.

Charles looked at the clock. He found that it was surely too late to call the doctor. And he thought that Melissa was not satisfied with Sheryl, so it might be a good chance for them to know about each other and improve their relationship. Therefore, he said, "All right. That sounds good. Mom, what do you think of Sher's idea?"

"I'm all right. You don't need to call the doctor. I've been living with these nightmares for many years. I already know how to deal with them. It will be better if someone can accompany me tonight; that way I will not feel so afraid," Melissa answered, but she didn't directly agree or disagree with letting Sheryl to stay.

However, in her words, what she meant was apparent. She meant that she needed someone to stay with her so that she would not have those nightmares anymore.

"All right. Sher, you can stay here with Mom, but only for tonight," Charles agreed. "I will call the doctor to come tomorrow morning," Charles knew that Sheryl's idea would be best for now, since he already knew Melissa's views.

"Yes, that will be best," Sheryl confirmed. "It's all right, Charles. I will take care of Mom. You can go back to sleep now. It's getting so late. You don't want to wake the kids up, do you?" Sheryl smiled as she touched Charles' arms to urge him to leave.

"Fine, I will go back and sleep. Good night, Mom," he said to Melissa and then came close to Sheryl and kissed her. "Good night, Sher." Charles left Melissa's room with Nancy. The maid went downstairs since her services were no longer required.

Charles, on the other hand, went to the room next to Melissa's to check on the children. After he found that Clark and Shirley were still sound asleep, he came back to his own room to sleep.

"Mom, it's all right. I am here. Don't worry. You can sleep soundly now," Sheryl comforted Melissa after everyone left.

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