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   Chapter 1084 Midnight Scream

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"Mommy, look!" Clark shouted happily as he approached Sheryl. He was holding something in his hand. "This Transformer is fantastic! Grandma bought this for me." What he didn't understand was why his grandma ignored his mom. 'Was there something wrong with Mom's greetings?' thought he. Anyway, this was his way of rescuing his mom from embarrassment, by showing her his new toy. 'I don't like toys anymore. They are for little kids. I prefer now those technical or battery-operated ones. But I understand. Grandma just got out of jail. She doesn't know my likes and dislikes yet,' thought Clark. He knew exactly how to behave and was willing to get along well with Melissa. He pretended to be happy so that Melissa would feel good about him. Family harmony needed everyone's effort.

"That really looks great. Did you say thank you?" Sheryl responded with a sweet smile. She was surprised by Clark's words, for she knew the interests of his son. Clark was really very mature for his age. Still, there were times that she still felt surprised at his precocious talent for communication. Looking at her son's face, she was filled with pride.

"Yes. I told her that, and Grandma said I was welcome," Clark replied as he held his mother's arm.

"That's very good. You are such a polite boy." Clark blushed at his mother's praise. He was shy in nature. Because of Leila's busy work, he was used to being alone. It was a new experience to be praised due to his politeness.

"Mommy, mommy! Grandma also bought something for me. Look at these Barbie dolls! And, I also said thanks," a sweet voice chimed. Shirley's full attention was on her new dolls. But when she heard her mother and brother talking, she rushed to Sheryl and showed off her new toys.

"Oh, Shirley is as good as Clark," Sheryl said and then kissed both of them on their cheeks. She always saw to it that she talked to her children every day when she came home from work. It made her happy. It also seeped all her tiredness away after an exhausting day. But lately, she worried about living with her mother-in-law. She found it hard to adjust. She was also worried that it might also be hard for the children to adjust living with their grandmother. But, tonight, seeing the children happy was a relief.

Melissa had a good time with the children. But Sheryl's arrival dampened her mood. She saw the children liked Sheryl more than her. This made Melissa's face darken. She remembered that Charles, in his childhood years, was not close to her. How could Clark and Shirley be attached to Sheryl? She wanted them to be closer to her than to Sheryl. She was overwhelmed by jealousy. Gone was the smile on her face. She didn't glance at Sheryl and kept sitting still on the sofa.

Meanwhile, Charles was looking at his wife and children. When he turned his gaze at his mother, he saw that his mother was unhappy, and was obvious what the reason was. He went to Melissa, winked at Sheryl, and said, "Mom, Sher has a gift for you. I hope you will like it."

Charles knew Sheryl bought something for his mother. He thought it was a good way to lessen her mother's anger.

"Yes, Mom, I bought you a gift. I don't know your taste, but I hope you will like it. Have a look," Sheryl said as she took out a Patek Philippe watch from her handbag. "If you don't like it, I will exchange it for something you like." Respectfully, she held the watch to her. But Melissa did not take it. Nor did she say anything.

For the second time, Sheryl felt embarrassed. Choosing a proper gift was exhaustive and time consuming. Anyone would feel insulted after receiving such treatment. 'I thought Melissa is kind and easy-going. It's obvious that she doesn't like me. I have no idea why she feels bad about me. And I am afraid our relationship will be hard to handle,' thought Sheryl. Even though she was unhappy, she stayed put. She knew it was important to have a good relationship with Melissa. She would show her sincerity and respect. She would do everything in her power to get along with her. After all, they would live together for many years.

Everyone could feel the awkwardness of the situation. To lighten what everyone felt, Charles took the watch from Sheryl and showed it to Melissa. "Mom, Sheryl bought this to show you her respect. Just have a look," said Charles with a flattering smile.

Melissa was not satisfied with the gift. Since Charles was there, she tried

ccasional sounds of the spoons, forks and glasses. Everyone was looking down at their plates, focused on eating. It was just like lunch, all over again. It was Melissa who broke the silence. "Charles, after careful consideration, I decided just to use the bedroom next to yours. It will be too much trouble for you to move out of the room."

"Don't worry, Mom. It's okay. I came home early today. After dinner, I will take our things out with Charles. It won't take too much time," answered Sheryl. Sheryl and Charles made eye contact as she offered her assistance to him in moving their things to the next room.

"There's no need, really. I realized that it has been your room ever since you got married. How could I take it away from you?" Melissa countered. "Just stay in your room. I am already old, and I really do not mind where to live. Besides, I went upstairs earlier and found the vacant room situated between yours and the children's. I like it more," Melissa said in a fake courtesy. In reality, Melissa didn't really care which bedroom she would be in. She just decided to take the master's bedroom out of whim just to piss off Sheryl. But after seeing the rooms upstairs, she liked the middle room more. She would be nearer to the children.

It was only during lunch that Melissa told them that she wanted their bedroom for herself. Actually, Charles didn't like to move out. He just couldn't say no to his mother, because he didn't want her to be disappointed. That room witnessed their happiness and sorrow. So, Charles felt relieved and happy that his mother gave up.

Seeing Sheryl was about to speak, he interrupted her and said, "Since Mom already decided to use the next room instead, let's just respect her decision."

"Okay," Sheryl simply replied. She then nodded as she understood the hidden message beneath Charles' words. She was not willing to move out of their room either. But out of respect to Melissa, she could compromise. Anyway, she was really trying to win her.

Melissa was so happy that Charles and Sheryl agreed with her decision.

Around midnight, when everyone was already sound asleep, a piercing scream shattered the silence of the night. Sheryl was the first to wake up. She turned to Charles and saw that he was also awakened by the sound.

"Charles, did you hear something?" asked Sheryl. Though she heard the scream, she wanted to be sure that it was real. She might just be dreaming of it. After all it was midnight.

"Yes, I heard it! It was definitely a scream. It came from Mom's room," Charles replied after judging its direction. They were now totally awake. Charles stood up quickly. Sheryl followed as fast as she could. They were worried about Melissa.

Before they could go out, there was another scream!

They ran fast to the next room. Charles grabbed the doorknob and turned it. It was locked! Charles banged the door loudly and shouted anxiously, "Mom, open up! What's wrong?"

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