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   Chapter 1083 A Gift

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After hearing Sheryl's story, Isla stared at her with her mouth open. She exclamied, "I didn't expect that the manager of Tarsan Corporation would flirt with his subordinate in public!"

"The fish begins to rot from the head. It does us no good to work with that company!" Sheryl remarked.

"But you've worked so hard on th project these days. You are gonna give up this way?" Isla asked with a scowl. Since Sheryl put so much effort in this project, Isla was reluctant to terminate her cooperation with the company.

"Yes. I decided to let it go," Sheryl replied, unconcerned. All of a sudden, she thought of Melissa. During lunch, Charles had proposed to change rooms. She wondered whether or not he packed their stuff and moved to another room. "So what time is it?" she asked Isla.

"What's this? Is it just a decoration? It's almost half past five," Isla responded, as she pointed at Sheryl's watch, which was adorning her wrist. Sheryl wore a Longines' classic automatic chronograph model. This brown calfskin watch had caught her eye because her best friend had fair skin; the color of the watch looked really good against it.

"You know what? Your watch suits you very well," Isla said. She changed topics so quickly that Sheryl didn't have time to react. Sheryl raised her wrist and gestured to her watch. "You mean this?" She looked at Isla questioningly.

"Yep. This model is simple, but it doesn't fit everyone. Only some people like you can wear it properly and show its beauty and value," Isla said admiringly. "You are a rich lady, but you only wear a Longines. I have to admit that you really play a low profile!"

"You have a problem with Longines? What's wrong with my watch? Watches are only used to check the time," Sheryl argued, amused by Isla's tone.

"Most people from middle class favor Longines. But affluent people like you shoud choose Patek Philippe. This brand could match your status," Isla told her. 'Isla is crazy about luxury watches, but it doesn't mean she is mammonish, ' Sheryl thought. She knew her old friend better than anyone else, and knew that she never worshiped money.

People always couldn't re

d already noticed that his mother didn't like Sheryl.

He hoped that Sheryl's gift could change Melissa's attitude towards her. Only when his wife had good rapport with his mother could he be engaged in work without misgivings.

"Well see you later. I will be home soon," Sheryl told him before hanging up. Hearing her husband's words was more than enough to lift her mood.

It was after six when she got home. Shirley and Clark were home from school already, and they stayed near Melissa, endlessly calling her grandma and sharing delight with her. Sheryl was basking in happiness as she saw Melissa being so good to her children.

She would be happier if her mother-in-law was friendlier towards her.

"I'm back, Mom!" Sheryl greeted. The first one she talked to was not her husband or her children but Melissa.

But the old lady didn't spare her a glance. Focusing her gaze on her lovely grandchildren, she picked up a toy and handed it to Clark. "This is for you, Clark. Do you like it?" she asked him in a doting voice.

"Yes, I do. Thank you, Grandma!" Clark replied politely.

"Where is my present, Grandma?" Shirley asked, pursing her lips. She looked as cute as an angel.

"Be patient, sweetie. I got one for you," Mellissa said as she took out another doll, smiling.

Sheryl could sense that Charles' mother adored the kids very much. "Did you buy those presents for them? That's so kind of you!" she beamed.

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