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   Chapter 1082 Making Reprisals

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For a few seconds, Sheryl's vision turned black and she heard buzzing in her brain after the resounding slap she received. When her senses normalized, she turned to the girl and sarcastically said, "So, Miss Vivi...Do you think you will be able to join our Cloud Advertising Company in this way?"

It was Vivi who slapped Sheryl. Due to her curiosity as to the relationship between Sheryl and Duncan, she decided not to go to the conference room. Instead, she hid behind the door to eavesdrop.

What she heard, unfortunately, did not sit well with her. Sheryl didn't like her, and even looked down on her. She would understand Sheryl, and even forgive her for saying those words, if Sheryl didn't know who she was. But Sheryl knew she was Duncan's lover, yet she didn't show her some respect.

She could bear almost everything thrown at her but never this. What she didn't like most was to be belittled by beautiful women like Sheryl.

"So what?! Even if I got to join the company, I would not want to work with people like you. You disgust me!" Vivi shouted back. For Vivi, Sheryl was just a boss of a small advertising company. Who did she think she was? The goddess of the universe to whom everyone needed to bow?! Over her dead body! Vivi sniffed and continued, "And what makes you think I need to work there? I am just bored! I have too much time on my hands doing nothing! Duncan just helped me out to find good use of my time. So please, don't you ever think that I chose that company for any other reasons! Believe me, there are other better companies!"

After pouring out her anger, Vivi felt better. But the more she stared at Sheryl, the more arrogant she became in her eyes. She thought that this so-called Sheryl would definitely butter her up now. After all, there was no other company in this city, except Tarsan Corporation, that could give Cloud Advertising Company such a high profit. Moreover, there were only few companies which were given opportunities to cooperate with Tarsan Corporation.

A sardonic smile escaped Sheryl's lips as she approached Vivi. But to Vivi's surprise, Sheryl stood in front of her not to apologize, but to retaliate. Sheryl gave her a resounding slap as well. Then in a cold voice she said, "You wanted to come to my company just to kill your time?! You will just be a fly there, breaking the company's rules. Well, as the boss, I declare that you are not welcome there! Oh, and another thing! What you said earlier is definitely correct, and even fits your identity as a mistress! The feeling is mutual." Due to the disgust Sheryl felt as well towards the other wo

nearly just made it before that damned woman interrupted us. I already lost my desire..."

"It doesn't matter. I can easily mend that problem. Remember, I know what ticks you." Duncan, then, laughed viciously. Really feeling impatient now, Duncan ordered Vivi, "Please close the door, honey. I really can't wait anymore..."

"Duncan, you…don't be so impatient…" Vivi replied in a shy voice and closed the door as he asked.

When Sheryl arrived at Cloud Advertising Company, she saw Isla waiting worriedly at the gate. Isla approached Sheryl as soon as she got out of the car. She immediately asked, "Sher, finally you are here. Are you okay? Didn't they give you a hard time?"

"I'm fine. Don't worry," Sheryl assured Isla, giving her a big smile to comfort her. 'If you only knew what happened back there...' Sheryl thought.

Isla would have believed her if she hadn't noticed her face, slightly red fingerprints still visible. She slowly felt her anger rising, wanting to burst out, like a dam filled with water to the brim ready to overflow. "Who dared slap you? I will make sure that they will pay for what they did!" Isla yelled furiously.

Sheryl put her arm around Isla's shoulders, and then patted her back in a motherly fashion. Sheryl was trying her best to calm Isla down. She didn't want what happened to turn into a big issue. "Isla, I'm okay. Don't worry. I have made reprisals. The person who slapped me also suffered my slap. And I made sure mine is harsher. Don't be angry anymore. I am already here safe and sound. But I messed up. Anyway, it's not a big deal if Cloud Advertising Company failed to get their project." As they walked towards the building, Sheryl recounted to Isla what happened in Tarsan Corporation.

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