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   Chapter 1081 Shame On You

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"Well, I will send you his phone number. But Sher, are you sure that you're going to find him alone? Do you need me to go with you?" Isla felt a little worried about the situation.

"Don't worry, I can handle that," Sheryl responded confidently. After Isla hesitantly handed over the number, Sheryl left Cloud Advertising Company as quickly as she could.

As she drove, Sheryl called Duncan Qiu, the head of Tarsan Corporation. "Is that Mr. Qiu?" she asked. "I'm Sheryl Xia from Cloud Advertising Company. I want to have a face-to-face conversation with you."

Duncan Qiu said something over the phone.

"It doesn't matter, I can wait until you finish the meeting," Sheryl replied.

Again, Duncan Qiu said something.

"That's fne. I can wait three hours," Sheryl said.

Duncan finally gave in.

"Alright, see you in Tarsan Corporation," she said.

After hanging up the phone, Sheryl drove directly to Tarsan Corporation. This corporation had been low-key before, but had recently become very high-profile. Before becoming in charge of the Tarsan Corporation case, Sheryl had specifically investigated it.

The corporation and its operations had always puzzled her. Tarsan Corporation was originally a well-known foreign company. Its founder had died recently, and his shares had all been transferred to his young wife. This woman's hometown was Y City. She had no relatives abroad, so when her husband died, she returned to Y City along with the major businessnes of Tarsan Corporation.

Sheryl was not interested in the corporation's high profile; she chose to cooperate with Tarsan because she felt it was sincere and promised a valuable reward.

But now, the result of her hard work was being rejected by the person in charge—Duncan Qiu.

"Hello, who are you looking for?" Entering the lobby doors of Tarsan Corporation, Sheryl was stopped by the receptionist.

"I have an appointment with Mr. Qiu," she responded with conviction.

"But miss, Mr. Qiu didn't say he had an appointment with you," the receptionist said awkwardly. "Would you mind sitting down and waiting for a while? I'll call Mr. Qiu to confirm." This made Sheryl feel uneasy. Was this a good idea?

Maybe Isla was right.

But after thinking it over, Sheryl determined that she hadn't previously offended Duncan Qiu. And before this cooperation, Cloud Advertising Company and Tarsan Corporation had also never connected.

Sheryl watched as the rece

she will be fully in charge of the Tarsan Corporation case."

"What? Vivi will be fully in charge of the case?" Sheryl couldn't believe her ears. "Has she done this kind of work before? If she's fully responsible for the case, that'll mean all my hard work will have been for nothing," Sheryl said in exacerbation.

"Ms. Xia, what would you prefer, your own hard work seen by the public, or the profits behind this large transaction? Make your decision!" Duncan Qiu exclaimed impatiently.

"Mr. Qiu, are you threatening me?" What she hated the most was when someone threatened her. Sheryl laughed, shaking her head in disbelief, and said, "Well, if you're going to talk to me this way, I'll tell you my choice. Your Vivi, I won't let her near my company! As for the Tarsan Corporation case, I don't care!"

Surprised by her sudden change of heart, Duncan Qiu paused and then said, "Sheryl, you should really reconsider. The profit you'll make from the Tarsan Corporation case is equal to your company's current yearly profit. Are you sure you don't care?" Duncan Qiu had never expected Sheryl would make such a bold move. She would rather lose money than accept Vivi at her corporation.

"Yes, I'm sure," Sheryl countered. She really didn't care about or need the money, she was not in short supply. The reason why she continued to work at Cloud Advertising Company was not for profit, but to fulfill her dream.

Sheryl was willing to work hard and sacrifice everything in order to make her dream come true, and she would not let anyone get in her way.

All of a sudden, Sheryl felt a sharp slap across her face. "Shame on you!"

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