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   Chapter 1080 Be A Laughingstock

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"I don't mean that you can't use that room. If you really want it, you can have it after Sher and I move out. However, she has been very busy recently. She needs to go to the office this afternoon to continue working on her project. So..." Charles explained carefully as he looked at Melissa. He didn't want his mother to feel uncomfortable.

"I see. Turns out it's your bedroom now. That's okay. I don't want to trouble you and Sheryl. Since you seem to like that room, you can just continue to use it," Melissa beamed like a good mother. Since Charles had already settled there, she thought that he'd be inconvenienced if she insisted on getting that room back.

Capturing a hint of fleeting disappointment in her eyes, Charles felt bad for his mother. So he suggested, "If you really want that room, how about moving in there after Sher gets back from work? We will pack our stuff when she gets back, and move to the room next to it."

"Charles, there is no need. I don't mind which room I stay. I yearn for nothing as long as you are good. I only wanted to stay in that room because of your father. He..." She feigned to refuse Charles' offer. She knew pretending to be weak could arouse his sympathy. She had to rack her brains for a plan to get him to side with her.

Charles stared at his mother who seemed to be lost in thoughts. He was hesitant to give in until she mentioned his father. Now he made up his mind to give that room to his mother. With an attentive look, he said earnestly, "Mom, I know you and Dad had many remarkable memories in that room. So let me handle everything. Let's eat first."

"Fine. I am so glad to hear that. Now that you said so, how can I refuse?" Melissa responded in a doting manner.

"Umm. The food is getting cold. Please eat," Charles said as he smiled in relief.

'Mom just got out, so it's going to take a while before she fits in. I need to be patient and spend more time so we can get to know each other. Things will be better, ' he to

r work. She suspected their intention.

Thinking of that, Isla got uneasy. "Did you mess with anyone recently, Sheryl? Did they do this to put you down deliberately?" Isla blurted out her concerns.

As soon as she spoke about it, she ruled out this possibility. It was widely known that Sheryl was the wife of Charles, the CEO of Shining Company.

She didn't think anyone had the guts to cross Charles.

"How could he say that my plan sucks?" Sheryl snapped furiously. She worked overtime these days for the scheme. She had put much effort in this case. Even though she couldn't brag that her scheme was perfect, she couldn't allow others to criticize her work like that.

"What else did he say before he left?" she asked as she composed herself.

"He said he wanted to terminate our partnership and they would work with another company," Isla answered with a dejected expression.

"Find out the phone number of that person in charge of this case. I will meet him in person. I will ask him why he was dissatisfied with my plan and why he rejected my plan before I even finished it." Sheryl never messed with others unless she was provoked. This time, that company humiliated her company in public. That was unacceptable.

If she just let it go, Cloud Advertising Company would be a laughingstock in the industry.

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