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   Chapter 1079 Embarrass Me

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Noticing that Charles had gotten slightly upset, Melissa realized that she should be a bit more patient. 'Sheryl must have some sort of special skill. Otherwise my son wouldn't be so good to her. Looks like it's gonna take a while to kick her out of my family, ' she mulled. To break the tense atmosphere, she started to explain, "Charles, I didn't mean it. I had been stuck in prison for years. It might take a while for me to get used to chatting with other people comfortably." Turning to Sheryl, she asked gruffly, "Are you mad at me, Sheryl?"

"Of course she isn't, Mom. She is a sensible woman. You will understand that once you get to know her well," Charles promptly replied on Sheryl's behalf.

"Yes, you don't have to worry about that, Mom. How could I get angry at you?" Sheryl asked meekly. She had been slightly miffed when Melissa had said those offensive words. But after she heard her apology, her anger disappeared.

'She is right. Anyone who had spent fifteen years in prison would find it hard to fit in right after getting out, ' she thought, but did not say that out loud.

"Come with me, Charles. Drink some of this tea. It's gonna get cold," Melissa beamed, as she tried to pull her son to the seat. She completely ignored Sheryl.

But Charles shook her hand away lightly and refused her offer. "Mom, I don't like tea. Let's go home. You have been gone for years; you must miss our home so badly." Walking to Sheryl's side, he said tenderly, "Let's help Mom pack her stuff, Sher."

"Okay," Sheryl replied in a hesitant voice. She knew that Charles had done that deliberately because he thought that she might feel awkward being neglected.

Charles' behavior displeased Melissa. She attributed this to Sheryl. "I don't have any luggage. Since you don't like tea, there's no point in staying here any longer. Let's go," Melissa said, showing no expression on her face.

She took the lead and stepped out of the room quickly.

"Charles! Look what you have done!" Sheryl said in a reproachful tone when Melissa was out of earshot.

"Did I do something wrong?" Charles retorted with a hurtfu


"Lead me upstairs. I'd like to have a tour of the house!" Melissa ordered in an arrogant tone.

"Yes, Mrs. Lu," Nancy replied obediently.

"What's going on here?" A low, steady voice reverberated throughout the living room. Melissa trembled slightly at the voice.

"Dad! You're home. I haven't been here in years. So, I just wanted to look around and choose a room to stay in," Melissa replied meekly. Her arrogance faded in front of Gary.

"Didn't Sher prepare one for you? You don't like it?" Gary asked.

"Um...Dad..." Melissa stammered as she met the old man's stern eyes. Since she was just back, she didn't have the nerve to displease Gary at the moment. With a hesitant look, she blurted out, "I was planning to use the room in which Charles' dad and I used to stay."

But that room belonged to Sheryl and Charles now.

Gary knew how deep his son and Melissa's love was, and he was also aware of her guilt towards his son. He was at a loss for words. Finally he uttered, "I see. You should discuss that matter with them."

Saying that, he returned to his room.

Sheryl had no idea which room Melissa was referring to, but Charles knew. Although his mother hadn't been home in fifteen years, he remembered his parents' room very well. He said gently, "Mom, let's have lunch first. You can choose a room you want later. As for the one you mentioned, Sher and I are staying there now."

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