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   Chapter 1078 A Reunion

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"Honey, sleep as long as you want. I want you to have a good rest. Recently, you have been exhausted. Don't worry with the kids. I'll drive Clark and Shirley to the kindergarten. As for your breakfast, Nancy prepared it already. Just remember to eat it when you get up. I told Nancy to warm it as soon as you go down. Oh, and don't leave. Wait for me here. When I return, we'll pick Mom up." Charles told these things to Sheryl without stopping. He did not even look at her. His gaze was fixed on the mirror to make sure his tie was perfectly tied.

Sheryl was still in the bed savoring the precious moments. Upon hearing his litany, she answered lazily, "Hmm...So, I will just give myself a break and go back to sleep. When you return, let's pick Mom up. I will go to the company in the afternoon."

"Great! It's good to be on the same page. Go back to sleep now. I will check if Shirley and Clark are all ready. They should be finished with breakfast by now," Charles replied. Charles approached Sheryl, leaned down and kissed her lovingly on her forehead. Then, he went out of the room and down to the dining room.

His kisses, just like this one, were the support Sheryl had in all the difficulties she faced and would face in the future. Those made her strong and fearless enough to face everything in life.

After a couple of minutes, Sheryl heard the car start and drive away. Then she fell asleep.

What made Sheryl exhausted lately? The case she was working on was too tiresome. It demanded lots of effort. Because of her reputation of being strict and rigorous, a client personally requested her to handle it. Therefore, she needed to work hard. And since she did not go to the office this morning, she knew she had to work until midnight to make up for the time she missed. Otherwise she would fail to give her client a perfect business plan on time.

Since they were picking Charles' mother later this morning, she might as well take the advantage to sleep later than usual. Anyway, this opportunity rarely came and she was very fortunate to have this moment at the right time.

It was already past 8 in the morning when she woke up again. Charles was already by her bedside looking at her. She smiled, "Why didn't you wake me up upon your return?"

"I don't have the heart, honey. You were sleeping like a baby. And you needed it. We're not in a hurry. Any time to pick Mom is okay," Charles responded, smiling. The room was filled with sunshine, and it reflected on Charles' hair making it golden. It also made him look like an angel with the golden rays behind him. Sheryl felt like she was the happiest wife in the world for having a husband so loving and beautiful inside and out.

Remembering her mother-in-law, she asked, "Have you called her already?"

"Not yet. I was thinking about giving her a call. But when I already held the phone, I started to worry what I would tell her. After all, we haven't seen nor contacted each other for so many years. I don't even know how to start a conversation with her," Charles explained. He looked pretty distressed. Then he continued, "I decided to wait for you to wake up. Any suggestion?"

Sheryl totally understood Charles' worries. People changed a lot in just a short period of time, more so in fifteen years. Fifteen years of separation was literally long. Honestly speaking, they could be considered as

ttention was focused only on Charles. She invited Charles to sit down. Then busied herself to serve Charles tea and snacks. Melissa smilingly said, "Charles, have a seat. You must try this tea. This is your father's favorite." After seeing Charles taking a sip of the tea, she asked, "Do you like it?"

Sheryl felt an outsider as she looked at them. It was a perfect picture! As an excuse to ease her discomfort, she just thought that Melissa was so happy to see Charles after fifteen long years. That it was normal for a mother to behave like that.

Therefore, she invited herself silently and walked in. She tried her best to continue smiling. She remained standing at the side watching the happy Melissa.

Charles noticed how awkward the situation was. He wanted his mother to reciprocate the respect his wife showed her. He put down the tea cup on the table. Then, he stood up, walked to Sheryl, and put an arm around her shoulders. "Mom, this is my wife, Sher, your daughter-in-law. We have been married for several years now."

Charles and Sheryl exchanged brief glances. It was Sheryl's turn to be grateful to Charles. She thought Charles forgot her. Once again, Sheryl introduced herself. "Mom, my name is..." But she didn't finish her introduction.

Melissa interrupted her rudely, "Yes! Yes! I know who you are!" Facing her son, she said, "I see her already. And I know you are old enough to get married. It's not really surprising. I should be rather worried if you weren't married at this age!" But she didn't stop. Looking again at Sheryl, Melissa continued her tirade. "Moreover, my son is an outstanding young man to marry any girl of his desire. It's her honor to marry you, Charles! She should have realized that by now!"

Melissa trampled on Sheryl's worth and feelings.

"Mom! What are you talking about?!" Charles asked his mother in disbelief. For a brief encounter, Charles saw through his mother for what she really was. And he would not tolerate her, even if she was his mother! Hugging Sheryl, he knew how heartbroken she was now. Disappointed, he looked at his mother. "You know," he started explaining, "you should not have judged her without knowing her. Sher is an exceptional lady. It's actually my honor to marry her!"

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