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   Chapter 1077 Let Her Come Back

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"Grandpa, please. Let Mom come back."

Charles had chosen to forgive Melissa, as she was his mother after all. He had an obscure memory of her from his childhood, but he remembered that she loved him with all her heart.

"I asked you because I wanted to know your opinion. I'll tell her later that you want her to come back," Gary said with a nod. He already knew what Charles was going to say, but this conversation was still necessary to clear things up.

"Grandpa, may I tell her myself?" Charles asked excitedly. "I haven't seen my mother for so long. I want to invite her back myself."

"Alright, she's your mother, after all. You've been separated for so many years, so now it's time for you two to rebuild your relationship. I think I shouldn't meddle in this matter."

After having thought about it for a while, Gary took out his phone from his pocket. "I called her that day, and luckily I got a record of her number, or else we'll have to wait for her to message us. Here it is. Go see her," Gary said.

"Thank you, Grandpa, I promise to get everything ready. I'll tell Sher. She knows how to deal with it. She won't tell this to others considering the Lu family's fame."

Charles knew why Gary didn't tell Sheryl. Gary wasn't sure if Sheryl would spread this news to others and cause damage to Shining Company.

"Okay then. Well that was all I wanted to say," Gary replied. Charles had figured out what worried his grandfather, so reassured him.

"I'm going downstairs then." Charles bid him goodbye and went on his way. For Charles' competitors in business, he was a fierce and cunning businessman, but for Gary, he was just a filial child.

He would surely be kind to his mother as he was to his grandpa.

'Everything will get better,' Gary thought.

Meanwhile, Sheryl and their children were almost done eating when Charles arrived downstairs. The children immediately ran to Charles and asked, "Dad, what did Great-Grandpa tell you?"

"Well, he told me

t smile widely as he watched the happy scene in front of him.

He felt so happy to have Sheryl with him. He believed that when his mother came back, their family would be perfect.

Later at night, Charles couldn't fall asleep because he kept thinking about his mother, who hadn't seen him for about 15 years. He wondered how she looked like after a lot of time had passed.

His desire to see her was so strong that he couldn't rest. He couldn't help but imagine his mother's face, and he was so ecstatic to regain his mother's love.

Minutes passed, and it was over one o'clock already. Sheryl slept soundly in the bed. She got too tired often recently and fell asleep quickly when her body hit the bed. Charles didn't want to bother her, so he closed his eyes and tried to sleep.

He sighed deeply and tried to force himself to doze off. 'Sleep well. You will see your mother tomorrow. You've waited for fifteen years. Just bear this one last night and then you'll be reunited with her!' he internally persuaded himself.

The next morning was peaceful, and Charles had already finished washing before Sheryl woke up. She checked her phone on the nightstand and saw that it was only seven o'clock.

She turned to Charles, who was getting clothes from the closet. "Charles, why did you get up so early?" she asked.

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