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   Chapter 1076 Where Is She

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There was no denying that Nancy was really good at cooking. Clark and Shirley ate her food with eagerness. Charles and Sheryl had been tired after working, and they also ate a lot.

However, Gary's mind started to wander when he saw the others enjoying the food.

"Grandpa, today's food is so delicious, you should eat more." Sheryl turned to Gary.

"I'm full." Just as Sheryl spoke, Gary put down his chopsticks. "Charles, come inside with me," he said.

"What's wrong? Why so mysterious? If you have anything to say, you can say it here." Charles was confused. He thought that Gary had nothing he couldn't say in front of Sheryl.

Gary didn't respond.

"Charles, I want to eat more, and Shirley and Clark are enjoying their food. I think you can go to the study room with Grandpa first. After we finish eating, we will go to see you," Sheryl proposed to Charles, bringing him out of his embarrassment.

As Sheryl was speaking, Gary had already gotten up and gone upstairs. His footsteps were not heavy, but when his foot fell on the white marble floor, it sounded quite clear, echoing off of the floor and the walls.

This sound made Charles uneasy. He didn't know where the uneasiness came from, but he had a feeling that Gary would tell him something serious.

'What happened? Why is Grandpa so mysterious?' Charles thought.

At last, he rose and followed Gary up the stairs and into the study room. As he closed the door behind him, he looked over at Gary. "It's just you and me now. You can tell me now, what happened? What's wrong?" Charles asked, staying by the door to the study room.

"Don't worry, Charles. First, sit down." Gary smiled at him, but his smile told Charles that there was something bothering the elder man.

Charles frowned, more confused than before.

Gary was not one to hesitate much, and he also didn't like pretending to be mysterious. What happened today?

"Charles, how are you doing these days?" Gary as

hicker than water. When Charles found out the truth, all the anger, confusion, and even hatred that he had accumulated in his heart towards his mother seemed to turn to ash!

"Charles, I know Sher is your wife. I also know that she is considerate. But I don't know whether I should tell her about this or not, so I want to talk with you alone. As for whether you want to tell her, it is your business," Gary said.

"I see, Grandpa. Now that my mother has gotten out of jail, where is she now? Why doesn't she return to Dream Garden?" Charles had not seen his mother for fifteen years. All these years, the memory of Melissa in his mind had become more and more blurred. Even in his dreams, Melissa didn't appear.

"She naturally wants to come back. After all, you are her only son. You're the person she's the most concerned about. She is afraid that if she suddenly appears, you will find it difficult to adapt. It has been fifteen years; she's not sure whether she could come back to Dream Garden. Anyway, your father's traffic accident that year..." Gary had said everything in an objective tone, as if he did not have anything to do with any of it. He didn't want to present a bias to Charles; he was grown up now. Gary knew that Charles was capable of coming to his own judgment on the situation.

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