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   Chapter 1074 Good Intentions

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The afternoon sun cast a golden glow on half of Gary's serious face. Melissa had always wanted to talk to someone about it, even to someone who wasn't really involved or knew little about the matter.

After all, people were inclined to tell other people things if they had endured something tremendously tedious or horrible. Otherwise, the lack of an outlet for emotions would lead to depression.

"Things have been over for so many years. Of course, I didn't exactly know the cause then, and I certainly don't know now," Gary said helplessly but honestly. His son died that year, and his daughter-in-law suddenly went missing. There wasn't anyone he could ask for help in dealing with those matters.

Melissa noticed that Gary's teacup was empty, so she got up to pour him some more. She served it with both hands to show her respect. "Dad, honestly the reason Eugene and I had a big fight that time wasn't because of emotional or marital problems, but because Shining Company's internal finances had severe problems," she said slowly.

"Shining Company's internal finances had severe problems that time? I had never heard about that. What was wrong then?" Gary asked curiously. The last thing that would ever cross his mind was that Shining Company had an internal finance issue.

"During that time, there was an issue regarding capital turnover. I thought I could help Eugene and suggested taking risks, but he didn't agree back then. I set aside his idea at first, but after dealing with so many customers, I realized that the pressing problem still couldn't be solved. Eugene felt the effects of the financial issue the most. He was extremely distressed, and thus, he was always drunk day and night. No one but I could feel his psychological pressure, and I felt terrible not being able to help him. So, I thought as long as I could help him pull through, I would do whatever it took me to do. I would even sacrifice myself for him and for Shining Company," Melissa explained. A sigh escaped her lips, then it was silent for a while.

Gary felt pain grip him as he listened. He had no idea that his son was under such great pressure, a severe financial crisis when they lived in the same house back then. "So what happened after? How did Shining Company get through that problem?" Gary asked carefully.

"Dad, you know how terrible it was when Shining Company's capital was ruined. It was like walking on the edge of a dangerously high cliff. There couldn't be any mistakes. Back then, it would've been the end for the whole company if the outsiders had gotten a hint of what went wrong in it!" Melissa answered. "Therefore, I decided to set things right and ease Eugene's bu

's face as she spoke.

Gary opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out. Instead, he picked up the cup of tea his daughter-in-law had served and took a sip. It was cold already, but he didn't mind. After pondering over things for a while, he said, "You were thoughtful, and had good intentions for everyone in the family."

"Dad, the tea has gone cold. Let me refill it for you," Melissa said attentively. However, she didn't respond to Gary's comment about her. She just stood up, poured out the cold tea, washed the cup, and made a new batch. She humbly served it again to Gary with both hands.

Although Melissa hadn't touched a tea set for fifteen years, she was still familiar with making tea. When Eugene was still alive, he liked to study tea ceremonies and spent a lot of time learning it, and that was why Melissa also knew how to make tea.

Maybe it was the respect of his daughter-in-law, or his son's hobby of making tea that moved Gary, but whatever the reason was, he was greatly touched by her earnestness. He also saw her in a new, empathic light. "Now that you are out of prison, why not live at home? As for Charles, I will go talk to him. It will be okay," Gary reassured her. Now, Melissa's wish came true.

After all, Gary was not a fool. He had guessed the reason his daughter-in-law came to him. It was why he didn't ask her where she was staying after she got out of jail, nor did he ask her if she had adjusted to the outside world after being imprisoned for fifteen years. They didn't need ceremonious preliminaries—he just went straight to the point and asked her to settle down at home.

It wasn't difficult to crack her thoughts. Although she had lost her husband, she still had a son in the Lu family, and that was the most important thing.

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