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   Chapter 1073 Fifteen Years

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In the next few days, Melissa spent her time standing by the windowsill gazing out at Dream Garden. She had witnessed each and every move made by everyone in Lu family and everything had seemed under control.

Melissa didn't like Sheryl very much. Maybe it was because Leila had spoken ill of Sheryl to her before, which had really left a terrible impression on Melissa. Or maybe it was just because Melissa had a bad gut feeling the first time she caught sight of her. But regardless of which reason it was, Melissa simply disliked Sheryl and this feeling had become increasingly obvious.

After these days of observation in the shadows, Melissa had learned nearly all there was to know about Lu family. She planned to make her next move. If she were to fulfill her purpose, Melissa couldn't continue to just watch them; instead, she had to make her presence known in Dream Garden.

However, what made her feel unsure and confused was that despite seeing everyone in Lu family, she hadn't been able to get a single look at Gary.

She couldn't help but think to herself, 'Has Gary gone out? Where did he go? Why has he been away from Dream Garden for so long? Has he gone travelling abroad, or has he moved out to live somewhere else?'

Whatever was going on with Gary, to Melissa, it was causing a hiccup in her plan. If she failed to find Gary, she wouldn't be able to prove to anyone that she was the lost mother of Charles. Only Gary could prove her identity to Charles.

As Melissa troubled over this, a familiar figure suddenly came into her view. Her eyes lit up.

It was Gary. He was still in Dream Garden after all, but he had apparently been keeping himself in his own bedroom these days.

Gary was too old to move around and would only leave his bedroom when it was completely necessary.

Seeing Gary in Dream Garden made Melissa's throat constrict. She could finally feel assured that her plan would be carried out on schedule. Swallowing hard, Melissa tried to concentrate on her breathing. She needed to relax and compose herself if she wanted to seize such a rare opportunity that might never come again. This could be her only chance.

Realizing this, Melissa took a deep breath. While she was excited to finally take action, she was also slightly nervous. Not wanting to wait any longer, Melissa hurriedly got herself changed and then put on make-up. After looking in the mirror to make sure she looked okay, Melissa rushed downstairs.

Gary had, in fact, not intended to go outside that day, but he felt tired of staying indoors an

when Charles needed his mother most, Melissa was nowhere to be found. Even if she had hated Eugene Lu and had had a fight with him, Eugene had died for it.

Was that not a good enough reason for her to return home? How she could be so ruthless to abandon Charles after his father's death?

Gary had pondered these questions for fifteen years and had never found any answers.

He had even started believing that maybe Melissa had died.

If she wasn't dead, then why hadn't she come back to take a look at her own son?

However, now Melissa had turned up out of the blue. Seeing her in the courtyard had shocked Gary. His mind was so bewildered that he had considered ignoring her and treating her just like a stranger.

But that was too difficult for him to do, especially at his age.

As he got older, he found it harder and harder to make tough decisions.

And, given that Charles was married and had his own children now, he must feel overwhelmed and desperate for help. Gary thought it might be a good idea to let him know that his mother was alive as she could help ease his burden. Gary was too old to help Charles, but Melissa wasn't and could even guide Charles when it came to parenting.

So, if Melissa wanted to talk to her son, then so be it. Besides, Gary desperately wanted to know exactly what had happened to her fifteen years ago.

He needed to finally have all his questions answered.

"Dad, I admit that the fight with Eugene was my fault, but you still don't understand what it was even about." Taking a deep breath, Melissa looked directly into her father's curious eyes. The truth that had been buried deep within her heart for fifteen years would finally be exposed.

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