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   Chapter 1072 Observation

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After pondering for a while, Melissa decided to pay close attention to the situation of the Lu family.

Thinking about it to the point that she was even overthinking it, Melissa decided to, instead of going back home, rather stay in a hotel that was close to Dream Garden.

Looking around the hotel, she quickly realized that it wasn't a luxurious hotel whatsoever. However, the view from her window allowed her to see the gates of the Dream Garden. She also saw nearly half of the yard, which formed a part of her view. She stood in front of the window and looked at the long-lost home, her mind starting to race once more.

When the weekend came around, the city was introduced to extremely good weather, which hadn't been seen for quite some time. Charles and Sheryl suddenly made the decision to take their two children to the amusement park.

"Charles, are you done yet? As their father, do you really think it's appropriate to make the kids wait for you for such a long time?" Sheryl teased him with a frown. She wasn't pleased with him at all. Tidying Clark's and Shirley's clothes, Sheryl addressed Charles in a fond tone in front of the children. Charles wasn't running late for the sake of an important reason. In fact, he was still struggling to choose what clothes to wear.

"Mom, stop tiding my clothes. It's perfectly fine. Besides, we've been doing this for such a long time now and still, Daddy hasn't even finished yet!" Clark grumbled, sounding as though he was a little adult as he pushed away Sheryl's hand politely.

"Stay calm. Daddy is nearly done. I would like to remind you that we are going to the amusement park. There will be children your age everywhere. It's necessary for us to take some time to dress ourselves well. Once we arrive, your mommy and I will hold your and your sister's hands, and accompany you with big smiles on our faces. I'm sure that there will be a lot of children envious of you and Shirley for having such perfect-looking parents." Saying these words explained Charles' character quite perfectly. He was used to displaying coldness among outsiders. Nevertheless, when he was at home, he was a totally different person. He was warm, loving and fun to be around.

"Daddy, you don't need to dress yourself up. You are the most handsome man in my heart." Staring at Charles, Shirley flatteringly pouted at her father.

"Oh, is that so?" Charles inquired. His face lit up instantly as he heard his daughter's sweet words.

"Of course, I mean it!" Shirley nodded her head with a rather serious look on her face.

Looking at her father, Shirley noticed that he had already changed into his third outfit and styled his hair in multiple ways. He walked o

man who was compared to the one that had an exceptional hand in business. They couldn't fathom that, in spite of whom they knew him to be; he was just a kind and loving father.

Playing time always went by very fast, especially when spending with the family of four.

It was getting dark outside. Before long, Shirley and Clark hadn't enjoyed themselves very much. When they arrived, there were scores of people, but unfortunately, at least two-thirds had already gone home. "I think it's about time for us to go home now. We'll come back here next weekend, okay?" Sheryl said patiently.

"Okay," the children responded together at the same time. Both of them were sensible children and well-behaved.

On the way back home, Sheryl took the passenger seat as Charles had requested before. The kids in the back seat were tired and sleeping soundly on their way to the Dream Garden. They were extremely tired after the long day.

"Charles, why don't we pull up at the door and carry them into the house, to their rooms to sleep. I really don't want to wake them."

"Okay, sure." Charles was absolutely okay with Sheryl's idea.

When they carried the kids into the room, Charles went back outside to pull in the car into the garage. Sheryl followed him since she had nothing else to do. She stood in the yard and waited for Charles.

After parking the car, Charles walked over to Sheryl. "What now? Did you miss me? It hasn't been a while," Charles teased with a smile. He couldn't help but give Sheryl a passionate kiss on the forehead.

"Ah! It's so dirty!" Sheryl scorned, with a displeasing look on her face. She tapped Charles' face intentionally.

The intimate act of love between the young couple fell in the eyes of the woman not too far away, which ignited a hatred within her heart.

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