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   Chapter 1071 Out Of Prison

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"Miss Bai, take it easy. Let's find a place to sit and talk," Holley smiled. She didn't tell Rachel her identity, nor did she deny her question. She just looked at Rachel and smiled. After what had happened, Holley was more confident that she could make use of Rachel to get revenge on Sheryl.

Rachel nodded, thinking that this woman was really tough when she taught those girls. If she could help her deal with Autumn, then it would be much easier for her to take revenge. "I remember years ago there was a nice cafe just there. We can talk there. I just don't know whether it still exists or not," Rachel said.

"If the cafe was good enough to impress you, it must be excellent. I don't think it would close within three years, not even after thirty years," Holley replied with flattery. In fact, Holley knew the cafe Rachel mentioned. Since it was located in the airport, it was always popular. "Please, Miss Bai," Holley said.

When they arrived at the cafe, they chose a table near the window. The waitress walked over to the table. "What can I get for you?" she asked the two.

"A latte for me, please. Miss Bai, how about you?" Holley turned to ask Rachel.

"Anything is okay," Rachel answered absentmindedly. She wasn't in a great mood. She had just landed in her own country and right after she did, she was harassed by several girls. She had a feeling that this would happen more than once since she was going to be living here for a while.

"Then two lattes please," Holley told the waitresses. Holley knew that Rachel was distracted, so she ordered what she knew Rachel would like.

"Yes, Ma'am. They will be served soon." The waitress left.

"What's troubling you, Miss Bai?" Holley asked with feigned concern in her voice.

"Just those bitches just now. I'm still angry! They didn't even deserve to talk to me! I'm Rachel Bai, not some kind of ordinary woman for them to insult! Damn it!" When Rachel started venting, she felt more humiliated and upset. She took a look at Holley and added, "By the way, thanks for your help. I almost forgot to say."

"It's my pleasure. I didn't do much. Miss Bai, have you ever considered who caused all of that? You have suffered from so many hardships those years that other people couldn't imagine. Your own happy life was destroyed, and no

ment, a guard put her clothes in her hands and gave her one last order. "Observe the law and discipline yourself after you get out. Don't come back here."

"Thank you, sir!" Melissa bowed deeply. When she straightened again, the door was open in front of her.

She walked out slowly. It was an extremely beautiful day; the sky was bright and sunny— maybe a little too sunny, as Melissa became momentarily blinded by the sheer brightness of the sun. Suddenly, she was confused as to where she needed to go.

It was the iron gate of the prison that divided her life from the outside world for 15 years. For 15 years! She lost all 15 years behind the gate. Beyond the gate always was her freedom and her son, whom she knew she owed those 15 years of her life.

While she was gone, there were undoubtedly people seeking to do him harm all around, and she wasn't there to protect him from them. But now—now she was free and she could shield him from everyone and clear up the mess they would have caused to him! She would be like an angel swooping in and saving her son from the destruction of life.

Sheryl Xia?

No matter whether that bitch was Sheryl or Sherry, she wouldn't dream of staying with her son anymore.

Right now, there was only one problem: when she was sent to jail, no one in her family knew about it. Everyone else assumed that she was dead, so she had to come up with a perfect disguise to go to Dream Garden as to not shock a lot of people.

Otherwise, even her own son, Charles, might not believe and accept her.

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