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   Chapter 1070 The Comeback

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Updated: 2019-05-31 00:07

When her phone started to ring, Holley was still sound asleep.

The past few days had been hard for her. How could she be happy when she failed to achieve something she had dreamed of?

"Damn it. Who dares to disturb my morning sleep?" Holly cursed. She decided to not answer the call and went back to sleep instead.

However, it rang again. The repetitive sound annoyed Holley so much, but before she was about to hang up once more, she saw the caller's name on the screen.

A sense of triumph suddenly coursed within her.

She was finally going to taste victory. That woman would come back soon.

When she answered the call, an impatient voice over the line began to give out instructions.

"I'm about to board, and I've sent my flight information to your phone. Come to the airport and pick me up." The voice on the other end of the call was quite familiar to Holley, but the other person didn't know who she was exactly.

The caller hadn't even seen Holley before, so she didn't know if she should cooperate with Holley or not. However, since Holley promised to do her a favor, she couldn't pass up such a good chance.

It had been three long years! Autumn Zhao! Finally, Rachel was coming back.

"I promise I will wait for you at the airport on time," Holley said. The caller sounded quite uncertain, so she replied firmly to reassure her.

"All right. See you later at the airport!" Rachel calmly said. After she hung up, Holley had no desire to sleep again. She got up, showered, and put makeup on. However, there were still a few hours before Rachel's plane would land. Even if she had waited for many days, she wasn't in a hurry to see Rachel and didn't mind having to wait for several hours more. She stared at her reflection in the mirror as if she saw new hope again.

A few hours later, Holley drove her car to the airport since Rachel's plane had just landed. She parked her car and lazily waited for Rachel in the arrival area.

Meanwhile, Rachel wore a luxurious suit. Her curvy and tall figure emphasized her beauty. She used to be an A-list celebrity, which explained her good looks. However, she was worried that she would be too recognizable, so she covered her face with black sunglasses and a mask.

Then again, Holley still recognized her in the sea of pa

y came to the airport to pick up their classmates. They had the guts to gossip about others, but when it got too serious to the point of actual fighting, none of them was brave enough.

Not to mention, Holley was a tall woman who looked merciless and must be a real demon in a fight, so no one dared to challenge her.

She looked at the silent girls and smirked. "What's wrong with you? I thought you were all brave enough just now? Why did you turn into cowards?" Holley knew that they must have been intimidated by her appearance, so she continued to goad them.

"Fine, fine, fine. we don't need to lower ourselves to her level. Let's go. Go, go, go," one of them ushered the girls. She pretended to be poised and took one of another girls' hand in an attempt to leave.

However, the girl who got slapped didn't want to give up so easily. She remained on her spot and refused to be pulled away. "Let's go. If your goose is cooked, we will all get demerits on our records," one girl tried to persuade her.

Her words worked, and although the slapped girl was still full of hatred, she couldn't say anything else. She just glared fiercely at Holley and Rachel, and then said, "Whatever, you won. Let's go!"

When all of the nosy girls were out of sight, Holley turned to Rachel. "Hello, Miss Bai, welcome back!" she said kindly.

"You're the one who called me?" Rachel looked her up and down as she asked curiously. She spoke again after a while. "But if my memory is correct, we actually don't know each other, right?"

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