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   Chapter 1069 I Lost Him Forever

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Holley instantly turned deathly pale. She didn't expect that George would learn about her fake pregnancy.

"How would you...?" Holley asked in frustration Before she could finish, George cut her off with a laugh. "You must be curious as to how I know about it, huh?" he asked.

Staring at a flustered Holley in contempt, he went on, "Come on, Holley, we had been together three years. Each time you get your period, you take pain killers. Last time I went to your apartment, I saw the painkillers on the bedside table. So I guessed that you weren't pregnant and you were just trying to manipulate me and control me."

Before Holley could react, he continued, "You made a deal with my mother to get the money and the company. But meanwhile you didn't let me go. Don't you think you are too greedy, Holley Ye?"

"I asked Auntie for money because I wanted to have a better life with you. I explained it to you. Don't you remember?" Holly asked desperately, still trying to trick George.

"Shut up!" George yelled at her. "I am not a fool. Do you think I don't know what you are up to?"

He let out a laugh of disdain. "I was silly, and I believed whatever you told me. But from today, I will not believe a single word that comes out of your mouth."

"George, I..." Holley stammered, trying to take a hold of his hand. George shook her hand off and told her in a gruff voice, "Please behave yourself. Don't forget that I am Sula's husband."

"But you don't love her, do you?" Holley gazed into George's eyes. When George didn't answer, she proceeded softly, "I know you married her because she got pregnant. You thought you should be responsible for her and the baby. I understand. We're out of luck. When we were good, we couldn't get married because of your mother. Now Sula is carrying your child. But I don't blame you at all."

Looking at G

like you at all, it would be a lie. But you and I will never work. So we should finish and move on."

With a sneer, he continued, "Sula and I will lead a happy life. I am sure you will find your next target soon. So I will not bother myself to care about you."

He was sure that Holley could still have a good life without him.

"Well, one more thing..." He paused, and then continued, "Sula and I are going back to Korea, so we won't be meeting again. I guess this is goodbye."

Then he started to head towards the exit, not giving Holley a chance to say anything else.

Watching him walk away, Holley let out a heartbroken laugh. 'It seems he's dying to get rid of me. That's why he decided to even fly back to Korea...' she thought with bitterness.

She looked towards the entrance with a forlorn expression. She was aware that she and George would never get back together.

When the day came that George and Sula were to fly back to Korea, Holley went to spy on them from a distance. Seeing her ex-boyfriend bidding farewell to Sheryl, Holley was consumed with bitterness.

'I have spent three years with him. I loved him with all my heart.

But I lost him forever. It's so ridiculous,' she whispered to herself.

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