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   Chapter 1067 It’s Me

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"You are not a child, but you are pregnant with a child," George said to Sula with a smile. Blushing at his words, Sula looked down at her hands.

With a gentle glance at Sula, George took her hand and helped her out of the car. "You must be tired today," he said. "Go upstairs and take a shower while I heat a glass of milk for you. You should go to sleep early tonight."

"Yeah, okay." Sula nodded slowly and looked into George's eyes. "To be honest, I am really tired today. Wedding is really a very tiring thing. I don't want to have the second marriage anymore."

"We're just getting married," George complained. "Why are you thinking about the second marriage now?" His brows furrowed with mild disappointment.

Realizing that she said the wrong words, Sula tried to explain herself. "No, no, no. I mean...I don't mean that...that is..."

"Alright," George responded slowly. Chuckling at her apparent discomfort, he said, "Sula, you know I'm just kidding around. Don't take it so seriously."

Somewhat relieved, Sula exhaled and laughed quietly before glancing at George. "You've really changed."

After getting out of the car, the pair made their way toward the front door, chatting and laughing along the way.

Meanwhile, Holley was waiting at George's door. She had also been to the wedding today, but failed to speak to George. All she could do was listen to Sheryl's suggestion that she could wait for George at his door.

When Sheryl had first told her, she didn't believe it. She didn't think George could possibly betray her like that. If he ended up marrying Sula, it must be because he was forced to do so. He would never fall in love with her.

But as she saw the pair emerge from his car and the pleasant way George interacted with her, Holley realized her mistake.

'Should I just give up?' she thought to herself.

'No, I definitely won't give up!'

Taking Sula's hand gently

walked by Holley. While it was just a normal smile, to Holley it seemed like she was showing off.

Glancing briefly at Holley, Sula said, "Miss Ye, please allow my husband to come home early. After all, it is our wedding night."

Instead of agreeing, Holley looked at Sula's stomach and asked angrily, "I've heard that you're pregnant?"

"Yes," Sula responded simply. And with a smile, she turned and strutted into the house.

Seeing Sula shut the door behind her, George turned around and began walking away from Holley. His body was rigid and his body language seemed to say "keep away from me."

"George, slow down, wait for me..." Holley hurriedly tried to keep up with him. In the past, however angry George was, he would always make sure to hold her hand. But now things were very different.

She could only chase after George, who eventually stopped at a coffee shop nearby.

It was quite late and the shop was going to close soon, so they entered quickly. After ordering their drinks, George found a quiet table in the back for them to sit at. Letting out a frustrated sigh, George said, "Just say what you need to say. The store is about to close and you better not delay its schedule."

"Do you have to talk with me this way?" Holley asked George bitterly.

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