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   Chapter 1066 I Am Not A Child Anymore

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"I need to entertain my guests, so I'll take my leave first. I'll see you around, Sheryl." George smiled warmly, ending their chat.

Sheryl nodded slightly and returned his smile. The wedding went smoothly. She only had to leave the rest of the matters to Joanne; she could go home and have a good rest.

Though she didn't see any signs of Holley lurking around when she headed out of the hotel, Sheryl was fully aware that Holley would not easily give up.

Majority of the guests, who specially came to attend George and Sula's wedding ceremony, were all from Korea. George found this overwhelming and decided not to leave for home yet. He thought that staying with them would show his deep appreciation, so the newly-wed had to wait for the dinner to be over before going home.

Shortly after, as they were making their way out of the venue, Caspar and his wife stopped him.


Sula's father had too much to drink. It was a grand celebration for him. Though he was reeling from drunkenness, he was in bliss.

He was so happy and pleased to see George doting on his daughter. "Now that you have married Sula," Caspar began as he gently patted Sula's shoulder, "there is something...I still have to ask of you."

"Dad, should there be anything, just let me know," George responded warmly. The way he addressed Caspar as "Dad" sounded so natural.

That particular call also made Caspar feel comfortable. "Since you have married Sula, you should be kind to her not only now but also in the years to come. If I hear or find out that you are mistreating her, I won't forgive you."

"Dad, don't worry. I will never let that happen." Sula, who stood by them, looked helplessly at Caspar and expressed dissatisfaction with his words. "George treats me very well."

"Don't interrupt me," Caspar said glancing at her daughter. Although he was satisfied with George, there were so many things that he still had to express. And he needed to say them now.

"George, Sula is spoiled

"You are so easy to make blind and disorderly conjectures," he remarked, watching her closely. "I admit that I came here for her. But Sula, Holley and I have gone our separate ways. The relationship is over. And I only have two reasons why I want to go back to Korea. First, I want to avoid her so we can start and live our lives at peace, and second, I do hope that you can get closer to your parents."

George put on his charming smile. "I know that you feel homesick even if you don't mention that. Am I right?"

"You... Are you telling the truth?" Sula stammered incredulously. Her chest began pounding hard at that moment, but she knew she heard it right.

"Of course." George touched Sula's hair, a gesture that seemed to comfort her, and then he reassuringly declared, "Don't let your mind wander off. We are married. You are the one for me. Do you want to doubt me all day?"

Sula suddenly felt better. She felt reassured. Gazing at George, she solemnly promised, "I won't do this again in the future."

Her mood brightened up like sunshine because of George's loving words.

They arrived home shortly. George first got out of the car and went to the other side to open the door for her. With a gentle voice, he said, "Slow down. Be careful."

"I see." Still beaming at him, Sula protested, "I am not a child anymore."

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