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   Chapter 1065 What If She Comes To You

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"Fine. I'll see you later," said Donna. She smiled at Sheryl and went back to the hall. As Donna walked out of sight, Sheryl's eyes fell on Holley. Although she was being held back by the tall, hefty men in black, she was acting aggressively and was cursing them.

Heaving a deep sigh, Sheryl made her way to Holley and stood in front of her. Holley let out a defiant laugh. She looked daggers at her sister and asked sarcastically, "Why are you here? Did you come to laugh at me?"

As Sheryl remained silent, she reprimanded, "I've lost everything. You caused all of this."

Sheryl gave Holley a sharp glance and said in a calm tone, "I am not here to bicker with you."

She rolled her eyes slightly at her sister's scorn and went on, "There is no way that you can barge into that hall. If you really care about George, go to his house and wait for him outside. He will be going back home after the ceremony. You might get a chance to talk to him there."

Holley raised her eyebrows in suspicion and Sheryl sighed, "You shouldn't have done all those stupid things."

"What do you want?" Holley asked skeptically as she scowled at Sheryl. "Why are you telling me this now?"

"Don't get me wrong. I am doing this for myself," Sheryl replied calmly. "My job was to stop you from ruining the wedding. And now that you can't break into the hall anymore, my job is done. After the wedding is over, you can do whatever you please. You are my sister, after all. So I wanted to do you one last favor."

She really hoped that Holley would put her past behind her and get George back.

But she knew that it was asking too much. That was never gonna happen. If Holley could let the hatred go, she and George wouldn't have ended up this way.

Sheryl gave Holley one last look a

use I truly loved her and I wanted to marry her and protect her with my life."

Smiling wryly, he continued to say, "But many things have happened between us, and I know that I have to let her go. I admit that I still have some feelings for her, but I won't do anything crazy. Since I've chosen Sula now, I will not betray her."

Sheryl admired him for his honesty. Very few people could confess their feelings unreserved like that.

"But..." Sheryl hesitated, but she had to know. After a pause, she continued, "What if she reaches out to you and explains everything to you? Will you believe her?"

"Will she?" George voiced out his thoughts. "She was here, and now knows that Sula and I got married. I don't think she would want to see me anymore."

"What if she does?" Sheryl egged him on.

"I will make myself clear to her," George said in a decided voice. George thought for a while and added, "I was done with her after I found out that she had been lying to me."

Sheryl took a deep breath. She had advised Holley to meet George at his home. Sula had finally found her happiness. If Holley took George away from her, then Sheryl would be the reason for a lot of sadness.

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