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   Chapter 1064 Throw Her Out

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"What... what did you say?" Holley turned towards Sheryl looking surprised. Her brows were creased and her mouth opened wide out of disbelief as she heard Sheryl's words. She blurted, "No! You must be lying!"

Holley rolled up her eyes once and muttered under her breath. Then she brought herself back from the state of shock and gave a cold smile to Sheryl. She said, "What do you want from me, Sheryl? Why do you always meddle in the matter between George and me? It's none of your business, okay?"

Sheryl smirked at Holley and remarked, "Do you really think I'm telling a lie?" Sheryl was amazed to see the ignorance and overconfidence on Holley's part. She said in a serious tone, "Actually, George was aware that you were not pregnant long before. And Sula's pregnancy is confirmed. Naturally, he is very concerned about Sula. I have seen it myself when they came to discuss their wedding plans with me. I can tell you for sure that George is completely devoted towards her and so is Sula. Holley, I know we will never become friends, but I won't cheat you on this matter. George will never be with you. The sooner you are able to accept it the better. Just leave now. You can only expect to be humiliated if you come in."

"No! I don't believe you!"

Holley refused vehemently showing utter irritation at being stopped by Sheryl. She gave a cold smile and said to Sheryl, "Even if he really wants to break up with me, I want to hear it from him. Until and unless I hear it from him, I don't believe anyone else."

"Why are you so stubborn?" Sheryl smiled bitterly. "If you really love him, then why did you leave him? Now you are harassing him when he is getting married to another woman. If I were George, I wouldn't forgive you either."

"Stop speaking nonsense," Holley snapped at Sheryl and insisted on getting in. "Get out of my way. I must get everything clear with him in front of everyone present here."

"What happened?" Their argument was interrupted as Donna's voice was suddenly heard from behind. Both Sheryl and Holley turned back to find Donna standing right behind them with a few men in black.

Donna had a solemn expression on her face as she eyed both Sheryl and Holley. She knew that Sh

nside with another woman, but she was being stopped to enter the wedding hall. Humiliation and defeat from all quarters at every step of the way was becoming intolerable for Holley. She was bursting with anger, ready to desecrate anybody who came in her way.

Holley came forward and hurled a blow at Donna. But her hand was stopped by one of the men in black. Then the other men just came around and held her tightly from behind so that she could not move.

"Let me go!" Holley shrieked desperately. She had completely lost her mind. She instinctively believed that everything between George and her would be over if she didn't get the matters cleared outs with George.

"Throw her out!" Donna shouted as she revived from the intimidating attempt hurled at her by Holley. "Watch her carefully. Don't let her come in once again."

"Yes, madam," they answered. Then the men dragged Holley out despite her cursing words while Donna still kept a cold face.

"Aunt Donna, don't be angry. It's not worthy to get annoyed because of her,"

Sheryl smiled. "Now the trouble has been settled. You can return to the wedding with reassurance."

Donna also gave Sheryl a smile and said, "Yes. Now the biggest trouble bothering me has been settled. I feel relaxed."

She glanced at Sheryl and offered, "You have worked for a long time. Why don't you have some food with us?"

"Okay." Sheryl gave a polite smile and added, "You go back to the wedding first. I'll be there soon."

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