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   Chapter 1062 The Wedding (Part One)

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Isla laughed bitterly and continued, "I can't sleep, so I might as well watch it personally."

Sheryl was amused by her words. She smiled, "Set your mind at ease. I promise that there will be no accidents as long as I'm here."

Isla hesitated for a moment as she looked at Sheryl and said, "Sher, I'm not judging you, but Holley is a crazy woman. You should watch your back."

"I will." Sheryl nodded curtly. She wanted to talk to Holley after the wedding once again. If she could just let go of what had happened in the past, Sheryl was ready to let bygones be bygones too.

George and Sula's wedding was to be conducted in two different sites—one was indoors and the ceremony was to be held outdoors, on the lawn at 10:18 in the morning.

Most of George's guests were relatives from Korea. He had booked a flight to bring them in. He had only invited a few partners from Y City.

Caspar was quite pleased with the wedding arrangements. He had finally acknowledged his son-in-law.

Donna had been occupied with herself since the morning, but she still greeted Sheryl while she was checking the sound.

She greeted," Hi, Sheryl."

"Aunt Donna." Sheryl greeted her with a smile and excused herself for a moment to say something to the workers before turning back to Donna. "Aunt Donna, I thought you were busy with the guests. Why are you here?"

Sheryl knew that Donna had been entertaining the guests at the wedding.

Donna's face lit up; she could not restrain her joy.

She gave a small laugh and said, "I have to come and say hello to you no matter how busy I am."

"Aunt Donna, don't be so formal with me," Sheryl replied with a grin. "Mr. Han has paid handsomely for my help and I've earned quite a lot."

Sheryl was joking, but Donna remained serious. "You know I wasn't talking about that," said Donna.

She forced a smile and added, "Sher, the biggest wish of my life is to witness my son's wedding with Sula. And I r

ignboard at the entrance, on which George's and Sula's names were mentioned. She finally understood what had happened. She had been played by the whole lot of them.

She was really pissed off now. It had turned out that George had been busy preparing his wedding with Sula for the past few days.

She felt pity for herself. She was being tricked for so long. It was ridiculous that she had not seen this coming.

The more she thought about it, the more angry she felt. She wanted to rush in and ask George why he was marrying Sula.

He had promised that he would work hard for her and their baby. How could he change in an instant? She knew that something must have happened which she didn't know about.

Holley fumed at the thought of him with another woman. No wonder Donna was being quite for the past few days. The reason she had chosen the rendezvous was because she had been waiting for this moment.

She felt like an idiot, who had been kept in the dark about everything.

She wanted to rush in. Even if she could not stop the wedding, she definitely would not let the wedding party go smoothly. She had nothing left now. So what was there to be afraid of?

The moment she heard George's name being called by the host, she stepped forward, but was blocked unexpectedly by Sheryl.

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