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   Chapter 1060 Take Advantage Of Melissa

The Substitute Bride By Changdu Characters: 10516

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Melissa turned pale upon hearing about Leila's grim experiences. She frowned slightly and said to Leila, "I may be overstepping boundaries here, but if I may..." Melissa took a moment to formulate her thoughts and went on, "Even if he wants to be with that woman, there's absolutely no need to treat you this way. You are a kind, selfless girl who helped him raise his son for three years without getting anything in return. How could he be so quick to forget your kindness? Besides..."

Melissa knitted her brows and continued, "Even if he despises you, isn't it a bit much to get you locked up so that he could pursue that woman?"

Leila had not gotten the chance to respond yet. Melissa felt fury bubbling up inside her. She grumbled, "That Charles… How could he act like this? What has become of him?" Melissa scowled.

Leila's voice shook a little when she said, "Aunt Melissa, it is not his fault." Leila had a wry smile on her face. "The blame is on that vile woman. Unfortunately, she has good tricks up her sleeve. She had fooled him into doing what she wants."

With a sigh, Leila continued, "Charles fell head over heels for this woman. No matter what she tells him to do, he simply obeys."

She worriedly looked out the window and told Melissa, "I feel nothing but overwhelming pity for myself for being locked in here right now. There's nothing I can do in such a dim cell. When I get out of here, I will make sure that woman is dealt with. If Charles stays with her, he is going to get himself in trouble. That's for sure."

"Yes, you are right," said Melissa. She drew in a deep breath and then exhaled. "Being with such a wicked woman," she paused, unsure whether to continue or stop. She chose to continue, "Being with a woman like that surely must lead to nothing good. She uses people and she corrupts everyone unlucky enough to fall into her orbit."

Quite affected by Leila's story, Melissa continued to seem pleased. She looked at Leila and told her, "Right. Leila, you..." There was a slight pause. It almost sounded like hesitation. "Could you please tell me more about Charles?" she finally added.

"Charles?" Leila hesitated for a second and asked Melissa, "Aunt Melissa, why are you… particularly interested in Charles all of a sudden?"

"What makes you say that I am?" Melissa asked. She appeared to be avoiding eye contact, but Leila wasn't sure. Without looking at Leila, Melissa said, "It's just that I have been trapped in here for so long. I guess I get so excited to learn about anything as long as it's about the outside world. I wasn't particularly interested in this Charles." She made it sound as though Charles was someone she had never heard of.

"No!" Leila looked firmly at Melissa. "I don't buy it. I get what you're trying to say and what you're trying to make me believe, but your interest in Charles seems...strange. Besides, don't think I didn't notice. When I first mentioned the name 'Charles Lu', you were startled. You must be hiding something from me."

Leila waited for her to deny everything. To her surprise, with a wry smile, Melissa replied, "You're a smart girl, aren't

did not sit well with Leila. She frowned slightly and told Melissa, "Aunt Melissa, you don't know the entire truth. Although Chris is enjoying a good life right now, you have to know that her husband Sam..." Leila had Melissa's full attention. She had her right where she wanted. "Sam was Sheryl's childhood friend. It's already bad enough that Sheryl and Sam dated when they were younger. Now, they've even become relatives. They spend so much time with each other, who could say that the spark they had in the past might not suddenly turn into a raging wildfire?"

Leila sighed and continued, "You are right. Chris is indeed like that She could be so spineless at times. Therefore, even if something terrible happens, she might hide it and never tell anyone."

"That wicked woman..." The conversation had now returned to Sheryl. "What's so special about her? How could she manipulate the people around her like this?" Melissa looked as if she was in deep thoughts. She frowned slightly and asked Leila, "Is no one in the Lu family smart enough? Why would every single one of them approve of Charles getting married to that despicable woman?"

Leila replied with a smirk, "We all know what the real reason is. It's not the Lu family's fault. They are so trusting. The real reason for all of this is that woman's dirty tricks. To add to that, she has such an innocent and beautiful face. Poor Charles, clearly deceived by that woman's beauty and cunningness."

Leila sighed before continuing, "If I had the chance to get out of here, I would give my all to end Sheryl and Charles' relationship. Imagine how good that would be for everyone."

A look of hesitation fell like a curtain over Melissa's face when she heard Leila.

They talked for a long time. Leila's sole intention was to take advantage of Melissa's sympathy. Thus, she was very careful with her words. What she said was both true and untrue, to some degree. The ultimate goal was for Melissa to believe whatever she said.

After all, they shared the same cell. Hopefully, their relationship would only get better from here.

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